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Even as a Toddler


I can remember stuff from when I was two. Like the auras that my parents said were just a trick of the eye, shadows with no solid form, and premonitions. To this day I am still able to sense auras, and the mood of people. I get premonitions time to time.

When I was three, my friend was spending the night and we were making cups of soup, and I kept on insisting that I carried hers, but she refused, and so when we began to walk, she spilled it and burned her hand.

Another time was on March 4th. I had been having a bad feeling all day, and a few days later my mom finally told my that my Uncle Warren had died from old age.

When something bad is soon to come, I'll have a bad feeling, or I'll just be really pissed for no reason. I can sense every types of auras and where they are located, such as the recreation creek. There is abnormal stuff there, like a butterfly with its torso torn in two, 6 circular, that are small but they still reside there, the fish are never around the bridge. The reason they are never there I believe is because I can sense a dark aura there, and the fish are able to sense it too.

My life has had too many psychic experiances when I think about it.

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Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-19)
When I was 2 I got a flash back of my past life lol and just the past really. I remember
everything people's names when I was 2 years old. I saw my baby book when I was a baby in my dream but the first time I saw my baby book was when I was 11 years old strange isn't it. I see through things I see floating clouds and half moons that all I see 😊
Maze (2 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2007-07-13)
I know that Ck, but they are not the ONE god, they are THEE Lord and thee Lady.
Cult (2 posts)
16 years ago (2007-07-12)
Wiccans have the Lord and the Lady to look to, Maze, whom are with them the entire time in thier journey.
ruth (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-12)
hi maze, I had a similar experience, once my friend and I were riding scooters at her house (I had one that you pump and hers was normal) I said we should switch and she said no then I thought (and said) if you go over a bump you won't fall and she still said no oddly enough when we rounded the corner she hit a bump fell, and broke her arm.
Maze (2 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2007-07-12)
Not to be mean, or start a fight, but I'm Wiccan, God to me is not real. And thanks for the advice.
Turco1 (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-12)
Hey I can see peoples auras talk/hear and see spirits have premonition dreams and feel like crap when bad things happen too. I have also noticed that animal do act strange around auras. So my plate is full. But I learned this from my mom who deals with this too. Relaxe. I know it's hard when there an aura 2 feet away and is talking to you. But the key is to look around and find out who going to get hurt. And the Shadows are probally not harmful. The best place to turn to to is God. Remeber that you are NOT alone.

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