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Dreaming Of Just About Everything


Last year on the 29th of February I had this dream of this guy that I used to see when I was a little kid, however I used to think it was just my imagination because I had no friends. In my dream he kept repeating, "You're different than everyone! You're not like them, don't waste your mind on garbage! Tune your senses and it will be easier." I woke up and started crying for no reason. Ever since then I have been having dreams of him and my friend has had dreams of him and another young man and it's really weird because at first I didn't tell her so it's not just me noticing these weird happenings.

I know my dreams are real because I will dream of stupid insignificant things. For instance, I had a dream that my aunt came to my house and my mom took us to a store and I was looking at all these bras and I was asking why we were there. I woke up to my aunt saying, "Hey Den, we're going to the store to get some new bras and such." And just silly things like that, it always ends up happening. Even yesterday, I had this reoccurring dream that I was at my friend's house and for some reason I was depressed and suicidal and I took her razor lined vertical down my wrist (because as everyone knows, the way to go if you want to end it is "down the street") and hammered it in before she saw. It was one of those exposed regular razor blade (not like an exacto knife) (because she's an artist and they use razors to scrape things such as paint off. Sort of like a dangerous eraser if you ask me). Yesterday we were making canvases for her future projects and I was hammering this piece of staple out of the wood and it struck me right in the wrist going down my vein. And it's just things like that. Sorry if I sound really scatter brained; there's just so many things that I want to say in so little time. That was an example of why I believe the people in my dreams are real and that I need to find them.

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