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Last Friday my family and I were driving back to New Mexico from California. When my dad saw a wolf shape turn into a human shape. This is mentioned in two legends. Werewolves and Navajo Witches.

I don't really believe in werewolves but, who knows. Nothing is really impossible anyways. However, Navajo Witches are real. I'm sure many people don't believe in witches but, I do. I know that they have the powers of medicine man but, use their powers for evil and chaos. Also, it is said that they know when someone is speaking about them. For some reason when my dad mentioned this I got really uneasy and worried. Worse then I have ever been.

From my mom's side I have Oglala Lokata in my blood and from my dad's side I have Choctaw. Native Americans have a lot of superstitions. But, when it comes to the Nevajo Witch I don't know that much about them. I don't even know what the Navajo people call them.

Ever since that I've had a few minor scratches appear on my arm out of no where and I'm getting bumps on only one arm. The arm that this wolf-human was on. Images of an old, scary looking woman keeps popping up in my head. She's wearing black, raggedy clothes with holes in them. Her eyes have yellow, black and red in them. And she's short. Of course, this could just be my imagination and have reasonable explanations behind it. But, I'm not so sure.

If there's anyone out there who knows anything about Navajo Witches or even werewolves please share your information with me. This may sound stupid to you but, I'm not sure about what's been going on with me and this paranormal stuff lately. I would just like some information about these two creatures. Or, if you know of anything other thing that can shape shift please, let me know.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-10)
Visit websites: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. And: 'John', for more info. Stay safe. God bless!
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-15)
You write about many things here. A werewolf is not a wolf. They are completely different. I have sat with a real wolf once and it was just a wolf and nothing more. The images of the old short lady could be what you believe the witches to look like. Belief & imagination can sometimes block what true reality is. Don't believe what everyone tells you. Sometimes you have to take your blinders off to see the truth. And, witches look like everyone else unless you go to some places where they wear certain clothes. And, there are many kinds of witches. Witches generally follow a creed. They will only harm you if they need to defend themselves. Remember, the unknown always causes fear. Now about shape shifters. There are different kinds of shape shifters. Most only shift their mind from theirs to something else to either draw energy of another animal/being or to be one with her/himself. Very very rarely does a human have the ability to shape shift to another form. But, there are shape shifters out there. Hope this helps.
tiyger (5 stories) (17 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-05)
There's a show called "Lost Tapes" on The Animal PlanetChannel. One of the episodes is about this very subject: shape shifters. You should watch the it, it's pretty interesting and might answer some of your questions. They hit an old lady on the side of the road. When they pulled over she was gone and they saw a wolf in the distance on the road. I am also Native American but only half Seneca and I haven't heard of shape shifting over here on the East Coast but there are evil people who use their powers for bad. In that show they mention that in order to become a shape shifter you must first kill a member of your family so I don't think the shape shifters are in the right state of mind ot begin with. I also agree with the comments below, pray and imagine a white light comming of yourself as a sheild. Good luck even though this story is from about a year ago. I just found it interesting
TheFreeAir (2 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-05)
It's possible for a human to shape shift, so this dosen't have to be a 'witch' or whatever you called it. But there are black witches, as we call it. Who use black magic for they're own good, and dosen't care what they do. They're like the 'evil' ones.
Anyways, its a full possibility for a human to shapeshift, look it up at google if you want to try it 😁
gemma1994 (3 stories) (35 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-28)
im not sure about the witches stuff but I need to know stuff about shape shifting and I need help I don't know if you know much about it but look at my story mentally and physically shape shifting, if you know anything really about it send me a comment, good luck with your other stuff though 😊
Ursala (48 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-24)
Have you ever heard of Don Juan (Carlos Castenada)? This is going far back in my memory banks, but there was a sorceress that manifested in a black shape. Sorry, I wish I could remember which of his books it was in.
Anyways, a few months afer putting that book down, I found myself in a confounding situation, albeit a dream. I was on a bus,...perhaps Greyhound, anyways a chartered bus coming back from a ski trip. For some reason I knew that the driver was going to take the clover-leaf exit too fast, thus the bus would tip over. When the tires started making their squealing sound, I simply jumped up into the air, so everything below me would turn & I would be "suspended" as it were. Immediately following this jump, I landed back in my body. I woke up. I opened my eyes & there at the foot of my bed was a black, rectancular, parallelgramished shaped dark object slowly wafting & lilting (as if it was a feather) descending slowly. Was it because I read that book & my subconscious brought it up? Sure didn't feel like that. It was real. Could I have attracted the attention of some here-to-fore unknown practioner? Many will tell you there is no evil. I'm just stating that there is a "dark side". Do I believe,... Yeah you bet! Curanderos exist, whether we want to acknowledge them or not.
vitani (3 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-03)
I don't have much information on werewolves, but I do on shapeshifters. It depends on what they are following to become a shapeshifter to begin with.
As for your physical symptoms, every night before you go to bed and every morning just after you get out of bed, check your body for new cuts or scrapes. If they have suddenly appeared, first check your bed for anything on it that could cause harm if you accidentally did it while moving in your sleep. If there is absolutely nothing, then it may be an outside influence. As for the bumps, try soaking your arms in ice cold salt water (use sea salt, not epsome or table salt) and scrub gently 3 to 4 times a week. I have bumps on my arms as well, and this usually gets rid of them.
A comment on ostara8 on 'white lighting' yourself. It works, but try to form the ball with mirrors facing outward (like two way mirrors that you can see out of but not the other way around) because evil that reflects itself will not stay, but good that reflects itself will stay. Then with the mirrors in place concentrate on shining the white light out through the two way mirror shield. I just thought her 'white lighting' explanation left something to be desired. Be safe! -vitani
stormtree (1 stories) (53 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-02)

You actually bring up more than one issue in your story. One is the whole phenomenon of shape shifting and shape shifters. Werewolves, while a subset of one aspect of this, is in itself an entire range of study. Another is the whole range of things that have been named "witch". A fouth is the woman in the black garment that you see. A fifth is the physical abuse to your body, which, while last on your list, is probably the most critical to address. While recognizing how things relate is important, it is equally important to recognize and sort them out separately.

Shape shifting is a part myth in many cultures, and it ranges from taking on to some extent the energy of a particular entity, generally an animal, in order to embody certain attributes in active spiritual meditation all the way through myths of dark murderous supernatural creatures. Like all paranormal phenomena, this area is heavily populated by exaggerated folklore, hoax, and poetic license in fiction to at least some active practices and some rather remarkable things that people have experienced. Certainly, things that occur on the non-physical plane are rather boundless. Werewolves in particular show up heavily all across western European, African, South American, and indigenous North American lore. The vast opportunity for research and conjecture far exceeds what is appropriate for a post here.

Witch is a word that has been associated with spiritual or magical abilities ranging from dark to light. I have known a number of practicing witches who were compassionate healers and warriors of light. "Witch Doctor" is actually a not-so-reverent pseudoanthropological term applied to tribal spiritual/medical practitioners, some of whom have been documented to be quite competent in everything from herbal healing to astral projection. Many tribal witches, unfortunately, clearly gained power through association with dark spirits. While psychological and psychosomatic fears certainly account for a lot of the documented curses on the part of these dark practitioners, those who dismiss all such practices as "superstition" are as misguided as those who saw "witch doctors" as impotent frauds.

While hallucinations do exist, (everyone is prone to them when under sufficient fatigue and stress, and I have known people who had chronic psychiatric conditions which manifested in ongoing hallucinations which they recognized as such), the woman you are seeing may be a lingering spirit of someone who had dealings with black magic, or could be a dark manifestation of another kind. You have not made any direct statement about this woman, except for the juxtaposition with your injuries associated with "the arm that this wolf-human was on," a comment upon which, incidentally, you do not elaborate. From this association, it seems that you have a negative experience of her, and at first blush the appearance is none too settling.

At any rate, this all brings us to what is most important. Your body is not to be violated, nor your spirit, mind, or heart. You must get a good grounding in your own spirit path, learn to strengthen your own personal field, populate it with the white light of ultimate love and truth, and control the boundaries. You must strengthen both your relationship with Spirit and your mastery of yourself, surround yourself with your helpers, and learn the ways of spiritual power.

All of these must be chosen over fear. Fear, as I have stated in a number of other places on this site, will both attract and strengthen negative energy and spirits as it weakens and confuses you.

There is nothing stupid in what you asked. It would, indeed, be foolish to ignore what is going on. You are on a warrior's path, and you must become planted and strong, and keep yourself close to truth and clear of confusion.

epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-02)
Well be careful out there and try always pray to your god who is good and powerful in your religion. Even here in philippines there are shapeshifters but I haven't seen one yet. I just heard some real experienced stories from other people surrounding me. They said that they saw a black wolf dog or something that walks with their 2 feet from behind like a human walking in the darks. They also hate light and they usually stayed on the deepest and darkest parts of the world 😨
hound7 (31 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-01)
I don't know very much about Navajo "witches", but... I would be careful with what you call a witch. I'm not trying to be negative in any way, but this world is filled with people of many different backgrounds and ways of life. I, personally, am "Shamanic" for lack of a better word... And I've been called a "witch" by numerous people. I've also been asked if I was possessed. People today are born-critics. And when they are brought up on a certain belief system, they tend to insult others.
Again, not trying to criticize you...
ostara8 (124 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-01)
either way, whether you are imagining it or not, who knows, so I suggest you take your mind off the negative stuff because you can and do attract it by your thoughts of it. Prevention is better than cure trust me lol. And white light youself... Or shield yourself. Imagine you are surrounded by a brilliant white ball of light every time you have negative visions or feelings. I say this because of all the negative entities I have encoutered, and the fear etc they brought into my life. Sorry I couldn't help any more:)
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-01)
For the navajo:called shapeshifters.
You can google this for a brief explanation.
If you want more info:click on my user
Name and I will explain. Blessings

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