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My two closest friends and I have been experiencing strange things as of late. But for this story I will start at my beginning. I am descended from a line of psychics, my mother, my grandmother, and my great-great-gandmother who spoke in tongues were all psychics.

My mother, grandmother and I all have two specific psychic skills. One is that we can sense bad things before they happen, who they are going to happen to, and what will happen (but if we are able to tell one another about it we can avoid the happening completely). It works fleetingly and only with people we have come in contact with. We also have what we call a 'people-meter' (we can tell if a person is a decent person or an indecent person by 'tasting' the aura they put off). I, myself, am also attuned to the world around me and I have dreams that turn into premonitions (I can never tell which is going to be real, so I haven't been able to affect anything I have seen through them).

Even when I was very little I have seen silhouettes. The most prominent story I can remember (and when I first discovered that I could see silhouettes) was when I was 6 years old.

I woke up startled out of a nightmare about walking through a maze of wooden fenced alleyways filled with huge dog houses that had sleeping wolf-like doberman's in them. I came to the center of the maze to see the biggest of all the dog houses and the chain that normally fastened to the collars of the other wolf-like dobermans' necks was broken and lying on the ground. The dog that slept within this house was gone, but I could feel him approaching so I hid between its house and the fence. When it found me and was about to devour me I woke, sitting up straight in bed to see a tall man in the doorway of my room.

He was a silhouette. He had spikey shortish hair, a square jaw line, broad muscular shoulders and arms, a flat stomach that tapered into a narrow waist, and long strong legs. He stood in my door way fully 6'7", arms crossed, legs shoulder width apart, watching me.

I slid out of bed and gaped at him, completely enveloped in fear. Who was this man? What was he doing here? What did he want? Why can't I see his face? I wanted to run to my parent's bedroom to tell them about my nightmare, but this huge man was blocking my way and showed no intention of moving. We stood like this for what seemed like hours (though I'm sure it was less than that), when I hunched over and barreled out of my room between his legs (being only six, and with him being so tall, it was an easy feat to accomplish) and ran as fast as my legs could carry me to my parent's bedroom.

This silhouette has stayed with me for nearly 14 years. I still see him out of the corner of my eye and he still affects my life. Always just standing in my doorway, watching. Though I have never felt anything from him that would tell me he meant me harm, or good for that matter. I call him Domovoi (Dom for short). He never speaks, and on the extremely rare occasion he acts as my personal poltergeist (making things he wants me to look at or notice move).

Now I will jump to the present. One of my best and most trusted friends is also psychic (and descended from them). She and I differ in what we can do however. She exudes energy in a forceful bright way, and I absorb energy in a quiet smooth way. We have actually been compared to the sun and the moon. We are polar opposites. My other best and most trusted friend showed no psychic awareness that we could sense or observe at all.

Recently all of us have been experiencing odd happenings, even our non-psychic friend. We have no idea why, but our non-psychic friend began her 'symptoms' (which is how we playfully refer to it in the public eye) before either my psychic friend and I began to feel ours.

And here is where my true story begins. A few weeks ago our non-psychic friend (lets call her Eliza for the sake of anonymity) texted me slightly irritated telling me to stop mentally calling her real name, because it was distracting from her final studies. We had been experimenting with exchanging mental images so this statement didn't surprise me or my psychic friend (lets call her Fern). I simply laughed and said I hadn't been sending a thing to her.

Later that night I got another text; this time from Fern saying she had a horrible feeling of being hunted. She told me it started when she was driving home from work when she saw a silhouette in the form of an animal dart from one side of the road to the other in front of her. She said it fell back and tried to keep pace with her car. She told me it gave off a bloodthirsty feeling and it terrified her (which is saying something because it takes a lot to scare her). She reached her house and went inside immediately setting up her mental shield to push the evil presence away. She told me it seemed to feed of her trying to resist it. These feelings lasted for a week, and only ever at night did it come back.

Eliza's voice that called her name was getting louder and louder. It never said anything but her name, but never in any other way then a simply 'here I am' kind of way. The tone never changed and neither did the pitch, but the frequency of the calls and the volume of them did. She told me that when she layed down to go to sleep she heard it once very loudly right above her, like the voice was in the room with her. And then it stopped for a time.

My symptoms are different. When I heard about their suffering I began to feel a painful sickness in my stomach (but I personally think it stemmed from worrying for my friends than something wanting to hurt me) and I thought I imagined a presence. I went to bed that night worried for my friends and I had a strange dream. I was making a list over and over in my head about things someone would need if they suddenly awoke in a distant and fantastic land (like Middle Earth, or something else from fantasy). I made a list of everything modern we would need. My dream also listed the weapons we'd need. Hunting knives for each of us and a cross bow.

I woke with a start to feel a presence in my room that didn't feel like my Dom at all. I went to lay back down and I saw on my nigh stand, a loaded crossbow with green and yellow bolts lying beside it. Without thinking I reached toward it and it melted through my fingers into oblivion. The presence in my room seemed to think it was amusing that I reached for the 'crossbow' and that I was disappointed when it 'vanished'. I immediately forced up my own mental shield and pushed it away. This also seemed to amuse it, but it retreated.

The next night Dom began acting strangely. Never before that night had he ever been so animated. Knocking masks down from my walls, turning my bed covers back, turning books in my book shelves upside down, opening my window without opening my blinds. He was restless and I couldn't find out why.

The next night after that a new presence came into my house just as my now nightly nausea faded. A new silhouette that I had never seen before. He is about 3 and a half feet tall, lithe but slightly muscular, with spikey hair of about three inches, and rather sharp facial features. He didn't interact with me, or say or move anything. He simply paced in a large circle around me rather quickly. He looked at me only out of the corner of his eye and kept his almost undivided attention on the outside of his circle. He didn't seem to want to hurt me so I didn't mind him at all. I just put up my mental shield to let him know I could defend myself, but it went right through him. It didn't push him away at all. In fact, for the past 10 days (since he came here) I haven't been able to close my shield or even reduce it in size (and that is exhausting). My little pacer seems to be keeping it open.

Not long after my shield got stuck open, a huge shaggy wolf-like head silhouette popped into my darkened living room and took a violent snap at my little pacer. The pacer paused only a moment in his movements until he seemed to realize that the wolf-head couldn't get through my shield (during the vicious snap its nose made a loud cracking noise like it had run into a brick wall when it hit my shield). After the failed attempt it left angrily and hasn't returned.

My pacer has not left my side since. Always running in circles. Dom doesn't react to him at all. They don't interact. Dom is still acting in strange ways though. When I was packing to go home for the weekend Dom darted over to my bookshelf and knocked out on of my moleskin journals. The only blank one I had, and he wouldn't stop fidgeting until I began to write in it. He calmed significantly when I packed it to take with me.

And now after we thought all of our symptoms were fading they are beginning to come back. Eliza is beginning to hear her voice again, and I saw a small wolf-like silhouette about the size of a red fox trotting through a theater I went to yesterday. I got the feeling from it like it was a mischievous youngster who knew it had successfully ditched its very over-protective mother.

I have no idea what any of this means or if any of our 'symptoms' are related. But I would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone patient enough to read this story.

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Doleal (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-06)
As a sensitive empath myself. I always use discernment in what I see. Ask Dom who he is, maybe it could be The Archangel Michael himself and that's how you perceive him? He should identify himself if he is from God. If he won't identify himself, call on the Archangel Michael for protection to rid yourself of this figure if he is trying to find a way in to hurt you. Also, if he creeps you out, chances are he is not from the light.
Generally SHADOW PEOPLE shy away from people and don't like light at all.
God Bless you and Good luck.
Mellokai (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-06-17)
Hmm. Okay. New to this site- just created my account a few minutes so I could comment. But, I've been reading on this site for maybe two weeks.

I agree completely with the ideas that Villem, as you've decided to call him, is a protector of sorts.

Also, about Dom. Could he be either a ghost of the family, or just a ghost that found you when you were a child and decided to stick with you and help you for lack of a purpose in the afterlife? I am NOT meaning to say that his intentions are any less true to you, I am just hypothesizing here.:)

This wolf thing... You mentioned that you had the dream about the dogs (dobermans) as a child, and they frightened you. Are the dogs-- the bigger, more wolf-like and scary kind-- possibly what your fear manifests into? Just wondering.:)
vitani (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-29)
to isisevangeline: thank you very much for your post.
I have on numerous occasions tried talking to Dom and Villem (my little pacer), however, they never respond. The only answers I ever get from Dom are feelings that I get with me 'people-meter', like he gives his answer by letting me feel what he feels (I suppose I should have put that in my story, but I did put that they never speak). Villem doesn't answer at all.
I like the idea that he is analyzing my sheild; very insightful.
I do believe in past lives, I do not however, recognize the cross bow that appeared before me. Perhaps it is a symbol, I'm not sure.
Thank you again for you post, your comments have brought me new thoughts and hopefully closer to the answers I seek.
isisevangeline (3 stories) (172 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-23)
Hmm these experiences remind me of when I was a kid growing up.
But anyway I read your story slowly.
It seems this guy you call Dom is a shadow person and is in someway watching over you, but I wouldn't let my guard down since he's a shadow. But also that the short guy, hard to explain that one but I agree with somebody else who said it. He's protecting you. Rather analyzing your shield. Try talking to him. You called for help and got it.
The wolf silhouette kind of hard to tell what it wants.
But the whole crossbow if you believe in reincarnation might have something to do with your past or with your family's psychic past. Your dream and the bow just sounded weird enough to make me think of this.
Also yes I think your friends experiences are somehow tied into this. And all three of you are now involved with something. Which means your girls paths have crossed in the middle and met. It would probably help if you 3 tried to follow your instincts or pay attention to any clues your being given.
You should also try talking to that guy Dom and the short guy too. But don't trust in too much what Dom says. Just in why you feel he's been acting strangely. Also don't let your friend who's hearing the voice answer back to it. It could be a bad type of spirit that's calling her. Since your unusual guests that have arrived have been bothering you.
vitani (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-15)
to lexi123: Thank you for your post and I would be happy to explain what I know about your question.
I believe everyone is psychic on some level. Some people develop it strongly, some people let it fade a bit because they don't know it's there, and for some people, it all but disappears.
If you have been having strange feelings, there is a chance you have a slightly developed psychic sense. I can't tell you how to develop it, because everyone is different, but I can tell you you should try to find what is causing your feelings. Whatever has caused these feelings to rise, is probably a good catalyst to develop your senses more strongly.
vitani (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-15)
Sorry about the repeat everybody! My computer goofed! I have been having a bit of trouble with it lately. 😆
vitani (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-15)
to WhiteWater: Thank you for you post.
I have always had a deep connection with all animals. I have pet wolves, had a cougar sleep at the foot of my bed, and rediculously enough I have had squirrels and birds follow me home (most often ravens, falcons, eagles, or other colorful birds). I also know that my friends and I are in tune with each other.
I have never pictured Dom as a handler, but now that you made that connection it does seem rather accurate. I don't understand why he doesn't communicate with my spirit guide or my guardian angels though. He never seems to communicate at all with words, just actions. And I have also felt that my story is related to something real. My friend 'Eliza' described the physical manifestation of her 'voice' to exactly what I thought she would look like. I was working on a character almost exactly the same for my book. (basically it is about two forms of government, one corrupt, and the non corrupt government is trying to keep the other from taking over both kingdoms and enslaving everyone). One of the other-worldly theories we had was that 'Fern' and I are very protected mentally and spiritually, so the voice trying to get ahold of us would go to the third member of our group to create this 'world'. The non-psychic link to us. Perhaps we have been rubbing off on her and she is becoming psychic (which I believe would be wonderful, but she's not too happy about it).
Thank you very much again! Your comment has helped greatly! It is good to know that my friends and I are not the only ones to make the connection to my book. I didn't put it in my story because I didn't want it to sound too flakey. It's refreshing to know that it is a possibility.
Thanx again! ❤
WhiteWater (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-14)
Hi there.
It seems as though the three of you are in tune with one another.
The power animal popping up is often just a symbol. It helps to research any particular animal you are having connections with.
Knowing the animal's place in mythology and it's spiritual meaning can add clues to why it is present and what it's trying to tell you.

Regarding your friend Dom;
I feel that he is indeed there to inform you of things.
I too have had something similar from a young age. However, mine is a whole group of people. I refer to them as a council, but I know them to be a specialized group in place to help with strategies and the tasks I am here on Earth to perform.
I see Dom as being something similar.
He is your handler in a sense. He is there to guide your physical world path to achieve your specific task, which I believe is to write your book, and which ever other books you may pen in your life.

I am sensing that the book you are writing is asctually based on a true story that is actually taking place right now either in an alternate dimension or on another planet. You are required to tell this story as it helps to solidify this world, bring attention to it, and lift it to light. (I would love to hear what the general plot is to furthur comment on the reality value of it)
I know this because I too am writing a fantasy/sci fi/adventure story and I have come to see that it is actually based on what is happening in our world right now.
However my council is here to advise me on my other pursuits.
They are sort of like the covert team in the van out the front of the building with survailence equipment, while I am the secret agent on the inside. Basically, I actually am one of them, their man (woman) on the inside.
They deliever tactical information to me.
They are not my spirit guides, they are something completely different.
I like to think of them as being from a special place or group that I am from, and we have made an agreement to do special work here.:)

As for the little guy, I have experienced a little guy also.
He was following me around at my work back in February this year. It felt as though he was doing some kind of check up on me, or through me. As if he were carrying around a clip board and pen and writing things down as he was following me. I pictured him to look much like a little alien man. Lean and with a slightly large head, but he was beige/yellow in colour.

The only silhouette I have seen was in March this year. It was very brief, and also at my place of work.
I saw and experienced many strange things at my work place. And I started to get a little spooked after a while.
I realised that what it was all trying to tell me to leave my job, and work on my reason for being here. My life purpose. I quit my job in April, and STRAIGHT away the weird things stopped happening.

It is all a part of your spiritual journey and coming into your true purpose.
I agree on taking notice of the thigns that Dom does and looking for links and hidden meanings.
His way of speaking to you is through all of this.

Ask your friends if they have been in denial of what they are doing in their lives. Perhaps your friend "Eliza" is not paying enough attention to something about herself? And maybe this voice is simply trying to get her attention because now it's her turn to open up to her own psychic abilities.:)

I hope that some of this has helped.
WW ❤
lexi123 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-14)
how do you know that your psychic? I've had weird feelings lately and I have no idea on what they are.
vitani (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-09)
to ostara8: Thank you again for your post, and I hope your back is feeling better. I have never heard of Doreen Virtue, I will have to look her up.
I understand what you mean about the powers of love and fear. Someone can easily be crippled by fear, but we find it more difficult to gain strength from love.
I have talked to Dom on several occasions, however, he doesn't respond in a verbal way. It has gotten to the point where he is my personal confidant. I tell him everything, and I often talk to him over meaningless things. He's a constant. I do know without a doubt that he stands in the light. I may not know what he is to me, but I do know that he is not of evil weal.
I have also been calling to Michael and Gabriel lately, telling them of all that has happened and I have asked them to watch over me and my friends. I'm glad I now have a theory as to where my little pacer has come from, thank you for that insight. I would never have put my little one and Michael together.
I have also found a name for the little one; Villem, which means 'resolute protector', I think it is rather fitting to him.
Thank you again for your posts and your insightful comments. They really help!
ostara8 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-07)
by the way... Archangel michael is the angel assigned to lightworkers, that is why so many of us feel an affinity with him. He is also very good and diligent about protecting us from the darker side... He actually has other little angels and beings that he asks to come to us and stay with us. I would imagine then that archangel michael assigned that awesome and loyal little guy to you. No wonder you are so protected! Archangel michael got your back!
ostara8 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-07)
vitani, lol, yes, you guessed it... I love syvia browne, and my god does she make sense. I love doreen virtue also... Your heart mind an body knows the truth when they see it do they not?:)

And... Well, I cannot KNOW anything for sure, but about the dark beings taking away your ight, well, as I understand it, they stand in darkness, so they have no concept of light as we do, they do not understand, but everything is energy. Fear is a very strong energy, of course not as strong as love, but fear comes easier to us, and SEEMS more powerful... So that fear is energy that they can in fact draw to themselves and utilise. Plus, when you are afraid, you defenses are down. They are very tricky, I feel it, but hard to put into words really. I suppose it is like a psychic vampire, yes... You feel drained whilst they walk (or float lol) away with your power or energy. As for dom, well, if you feel he does not hurt you or want to, ok, that's good. But I would suggest talking to him, ask him who he is, and does he love god? Or does he stand in the light etc, after protecting yourself. And yes, call upon ANY of the archangewls, or all, to protect or help you every time. You can ask them to stay with you permanently and they will, but they can only intervene when you ask. Free will you see... So yes, call upon as many beings as you wish... I do all the time. Also, the dark beings want (they think this is possible, haha to them!) to turn people away from the light. They are AFRAID of it... Of god if you will... But am sure there is more to it, silly buggers! Haha... This really is a great experience you are having... Turn it around to teach you and make you stronger and more knowlegeable for the future. Good luck!
vitani (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-05)
to ItsJustTJ: That is an excellent suggestion! I have never been with her when the voice calls to her, it goes quiet everytime we come together to have a 'meeting' as we call it, to discuss what we are going to do about our 'symptoms'. I will deffinitely look for a silhouette that resembles what she discribes the woman as. My friend has been having dreams of her lately, and she has started talking in her sleep.
As for my book, it is a fantasy adventure book. When I do finish it I would be happy to have you read it over. It could be a while though, I've hit a bit of writers block. I should get through it soon enough though.
Thanx again for your comments, they are very helpful! ❤
ItsJustTJ (guest)
12 years ago (2009-06-05)
What Type of book? If you finish I'll proof read it for you, glad to help and one more thing your friend the non-psychic the one that can hear the womens voice. Have you ever been with her when she heard the voice and if so have you ever see a Silhouette next to her and if not you sould see if you can, that way you might figure out if your 'symptoms' are connected. 😊
vitani (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-05)
to ItsJustTJ: Thank you for your post, and for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my story (I am writing a book by the way 😊).
A small comment on the part you wrote about the small wolf being the offspring of the wolf-head silhouette: I saw the wolf-head a week before the little one, and both silhouettes are masculine in nature. It is a good thought though. It had never crossed my mind that the little one may have been using my sheild to get away from its mother (I just hope its mother is less vicious than the wolf-head silhouette 😆).
I will take your advice about writing down everything Dom touches or wants me to see. I know he wants me to realize something, I just don't know what.
And about the circle. My shield is made by imagining a circle of mirrors facing outward with a bright white light shining outward from within me. I don't know if it is relevant to who or what it pushes away, but I think I should have explained my sheilds better in my story. Thanx again! ❤
ItsJustTJ (guest)
12 years ago (2009-06-04)
Wow you should wright a book, Its sounds like Dom is telling you something try and figure it out wright down everything he moves or does and try and see a pattern to it, the short Silhouette seems to me like it wants to help to, a circle is usally a sign of protection in my reading experinace and the fact that he was doing it when a animal of ill intent attacked its hard to say what it all means. As for the wolf-like creacher "This is personal opinion" you said at the end that a fox sized, mischievous youngster who successfully ditched its very over-protective mother. You and your friend are both psychic and give off the same "shield", maby the young wolf Silhouette used that to get away from it "Mother" and the Mother blames y'all. So its following you and your friend until its got what it wants. And one more thing the circle it made was made with what? 😆
vitani (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-04)
to weirdtimes: Thank you also for reading my post and making a comment. It is good to know that people out there are listening.
My friend 'Eliza' has only heard her name called, and more recently the voice (which is female in nature) has been calling her nickname. At first the voice called her in the 'here I am' manner, but it has started calling in a playful manner and they in a very serious matter. She has also been having dreams of the woman calling her.
vitani (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-04)
to ostara8: Thank you very much for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post, and no matter how long a comment anyone leaves I will always read and faithfully answer!
I have a few questions as well as explanations on different parts of your comment.
My first question is: when you say demons are trying to take the light out of my friends and I; how would they go about doing that? Just frightening us and making us doubt ourselves? Or is it something vampiric; sucking it out of us like some kind of inccubus?
A comment of my own is I do call upon all the archangels regularly, Michael and Gabriel especially, as well as my own guardian angels.
With my little pacer, I am fairly certain that he is here to protect me, I am just unsure as to why.
An explanation on my guy Dom, I don't think he's actually here to hurt me. I haven't gottan positive or negative feelings from him, and he has never intentionally tried to instill fear in me. I do not know what his purpose is, however.
Do you by any chance read Silvia Brown? Much of what you wrote sounded familiar to me through her books so I just thought I'd ask, laughs.
Thank you again for having the patients to read my story and to post such an insightful comment. Much love!
weirdtimes (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-01)
I hear voices also, mostly they call my name. One time I heard a clear word in a higher tone it said: Dreams. I also hear voices conversate. When I was 4 I did have an experience with something evil and dark. It was an animal of some type I did not take a look. It growled and tore at my blankets. We did not have any pets at the time.
ostara8 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-01)
ps... My typing errors, apologies... I have a sore back and was not looking at the screen whilst typing:)
ostara8 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-01)
it was a pleasure to read! Really:)
Now, you are so very insightful, that I'm sure you can figure this out:) but, alas, I know its hard when you are the one in the middle of it. Ok, I will try to be brief lol... It is obvious to me what is going on. Ok... You are incredibly psychic, and because of that you attract all sots, specially the darl ones. But... You are also very protected. Someone is looking ut for you indeed. Now, because you ladies are actively pursuing all this, they are attracted more. Dark entities and demons are particularly attracted... Their main and only goal is to attempt to take the light away from such peopple as yourself and your friends. You, and they, are leaving yourselves to open to the dark side. Call upon archangel michael, trust me. Ok, your little man... He is PROTECTING you. When you white light yourself, what are you doing? Putting a CIRCULAR protective shield around yourself. This little man seems to have heard your mental call for help, and is determined for some reason to protect you. You must have important business here on earth! So, I would say trust him. As for your dom... Hmmm, at first I thought DEMON because of his hidden face etc... He was trying to scare you, but SOMETHING protevts you from him, so he patiently waits, wanting to get at you. But, the last thing you said about him is confusing... Please be sure that no being from the light would ever instil fear in you. So, trust your INSTINCTS and I know you have them strong ok... Your frinds particularly need to keep their thoughts on the higher vibrations of this psychic work, as they are not as strong as you in protection. Is this at all cming together and making sense now? Or am I sounding like I am making up stories? Haha, anyway, always remember that dark entities ENJOY and THRIVE on ATTENTION. So absolutely DO NOT give it to them. Say when needed, something like, only god has power, you are not welcome, go away, I stand in the light of christ... Anything that you believe the most, that is positive and shows them they they have no business with you and your frinds... Because if something gets in, it can be SOOOO very hard to get it out. I hope I have shed some light on this for you, and I am sorry if I have not explained very well. I could type for an hour talking about this lol.
Best of luck with it:)

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