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My name is Johana and I have been having some strange psychic and paranormal experiences. I know I'm psychic but a weak one at that. I've had my gift since August of 2008 and my life has changed alot.

The first psychic random thing that has happened to me was in my 8th grade L.A. Class. My teacher picked popsicle sticks with numbers on them, assigned to desks with the numbers also written on them, and I knew who was going to be paired with who. It was stronger when I had a feeling it was me, but never-the-less I knew what was going to happen. Also a few times I really concentrated on the person I want being paired with me and it happened. I don't know if it possible for psychics to do that but that is something I need understanding on.

Another random experience that has happened to me is when I was riding in a car. I was going down the road when the feeling of I was going to die came over me. I was almost positive I was, but my aunt, who is also psychic, told me that I wasn't but someone could have died on that road. Also many times I have felt the feelings of others, for example, when my mother is stressed and I'm happy I get very stressed as well and vice versa.

I want control of what I have, and possibly make it stronger. I don't want the random experiences that have happened to me to happen again, but more of I control how I use my gift. Any help is desired. If you have any help for me contact me at the address on my profile.

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Vampire_Angel (8 stories) (123 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-30)
Ugh. I know exactly how the empathy goes. That one is hard to control. I can barley control mine. I have come to the point where I made it randomly kicking in less and when I want to know something, I just concentrate and it comes to me. I'm slowly making it so that it doesn't kick in at all when I don't want it to. I really don't know how I did it. I guess just practice controlling your empathy. Find different ways. Meditation may also help. Yet, being a teen, we have a lot on our minds so its harder to do this. I have never been able to meditate because I can't seem to clear my mind. It's tricky, but it would help. =). Any other questions or comments just leave a comment on one of my stories =)

❤ Ava
annunaki (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-25)
its hard being a teen in this world today. Dont give up on anything you believe in! Heres a little bit of advice for you. We are all born with abilities, just depends on how they develope while you are young. Most children lose their abilities around age ten. Then going through puberty brings them back to a point where they can't handle them. Around sixteen/seventeen they start to get controllable to where you/they can start to develope them into a more refined power. So do a lot of reading and meditation to find where you stand with your gift. Also this is the time when most of the powerful psychics will be born. It is up to you to decide if you want this to continue or close it off. My husband can hear what I'm thinking, it gives me the chills sometimes. I have to sheild like crazy sometimes to keep him out. Its a gift he hasnt much controll of. Read cursedbeforebirth from NC that's the first part of my story. Want to know the rest contact me via email. Love to you always

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