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The other night during a bout of insomnia I started to "ramble" in an oddly coherent way, albeit with a lot of stuttering and in a Slavic/German sounding language. I got up out of bed and got my digital recorder and was able to continue for about 6 minutes. I have played it for others who say that it

A) Doesn't sound like my voice or accent

B) It does have some emotion or possible distress in the recording

C) a Germanic language of a sort (I only speak English).

At the time I felt no emotion and when I tried to think about the words coming out of my mouth that's when the stuttering would begin again.

If anyone knows who I can send the recording to in order to get it checked out, I'm curious to know if it makes any sense whatsoever.

Thank you for your time.


PS: (this website wants more details) I have attended several courses in energy work and sound healing etc. By accident I attended a weekend workshop with one of the UK's great mediums (Jean Skinner). I took the workshop as it was my birthday weekend and it was advertised as "get to know your guides". I had no idea it was about mediumship. When I asked her if she felt that I could "do it", she answered "You're not here by accident".

The course was held at the College of Psychic Studies in November 2007.

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