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Best Friend Spiritual Experiences


My friend and I are like sisters. Sometimes we are like opposites for the same things. We are so close. We both have connections with our inner spirits and we care about them dearly. My friend and I are like sisters.

We've had many experiences with each other. One day it was beautiful, sunny, warm, and it was just amazing. We were sitting on her roof and it started raining and it just brought down the mood. So we used our chant that we use for spiritual connections. Then, the rain stopped right after we said our chant.

Another experience we had was at her house. She has an orb that is very important to her. We had gone to a different room with it and the color changed. She said that this has never happened before. We were both in shock because I was just beginning to learn about my powers, and she had never seen her orb do this. So we thought it was the mood/vibe of the room.

One experience I had without her was it was very hot outside. I could barely breathe. My inner spirit was screaming to me "Do something!" because he cares about me very much. So I had said my chant and it started to rain on me. I love the rain most of the time. So I sat outside thinking about my friend, and my powers and my inner spirit.

Another experience I had without my friend was during a thunder storm. The power went out. So we lit some candles. We ate dinner and I was paying attention to the candles. Practicing my powers by myself, without a soul knowing. So after concentrating on the candle for a long time, it stopped moving. So after losing concentration, it moved. I light candles all the time to practice my powers.

We are best friends and we have more experiences to come.

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