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I Don't Know What Type Of Pyshic Power You Call This?


When I turned 7 my mother and I had just moved away from Pennsylvania to Maryland and it was okay at first but after the first couple of weeks I began hearing someone talk. It didn't sound like anything I've heard from my mom or step-dad at the time it was like a whole different language unfamiliar to me. And it's going to sound funny but it would come from the closet. It wasn't a ghost or demon per say but it was different but it wanted to talk and I would talk back. The more I spent time figuring out what it was and why it was here. I began to notice my parents couldn't see it and It wasn't the only thing out there. I would find myself hearing many voices from certain places. Occasionally I'd hear some from a next door house and it would tell me of its days that it wished for rain. Some Would tell me someone invited them inside other people's homes. Some would just ask if I could just sit there with them and just listen. The first time I passed a graveyard it sounded almost as if people were having a party. I had met a pregnant woman as I try to say. It's confusing but I was at a baby sitters house and this lady and I had talked, she explained that she wished to see her baby and hold it for the first time, but she would be happy that at least someone could talk to her and she wouldn't feel alone. She's still there and if I pass by I say a polite hello trying not to draw attention to myself but I had found out after the first day of meeting her that their was a big accident and a pregnant woman had been crushed went a semi truck rear ended the front of her car. Sorry about talking about stuff all over the place.^-^''

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-26)
Was,the pregnant woman die that you had talked to?. Wow what a gift. You can hear spirits and demons talk. I can do that sometimes. Usually demons talk like people. But they come from grave yards. I have seen spirits manifest. Other times I can hear them talking in conversations. It scares me a lot. Especially at night.
seeblue (2 stories) (25 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-21)
You have developed clairvoyance (seeing spirit and energies from different vibrations) and clairaudience (hearing spirit and different beings from different vibrations). Congrats! That's amazing.

My abilities aren't as developed as you, I only see orbs, lights, semi auras and hear humming and buzzing. I'm trying to develop mine a lot further to your level.

That women isn't moving on because of the tragedy with her baby, you may want to consider helping her to the light, she's currently a lost soul. Hopefully this article helps:

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