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Attacked in Dreams


Hello everyone. You might see me around the site a bit. Surprise Surprise. Yesterday, I had an epiphany after reading Mellen-Thomas Benedict Near-Death Experience NDE Story. It was really something. You guys should read it sometime. I'm starting to understand more about ghosts and the afterlife. So yesterday I wasn't very afraid of seeing a ghost or anything at all.

I even tried to call my Spirit Guide. Well I'm not very good at seeing ghosts. I can only feel if they're there. And I felt what I thought was "him..." Since there was a light touch on my face and someone holding my hand. I saw a face on the ceiling. Yeah... I sleep on the top bunk bed. Well, that kind of got me going a little nervous. So I asked that "he" wouldn't scare me. I don't know my Spirit Guide yet. So I'm assuming it's a he.

Soon afterwards, I fell asleep. I can't remember anything at all. About around 8A.M. my mom told me to sleep in the room near the smoke detector, since I was going to be home alone and she didn't want me to get caught in a fire asleep. I remember this dream a little clearly. I could actually tell it was a dream and I could control my body. At first, it started out to what I thought was a vision. It was very real.

But then, somehow my Godsister ended up moving into my house and my cousin was helping her decorate the room. So I ran around the house looking for a vase for her stones. (It's those decorative stones for like plants and stuff.) So I figured that it was probably just some odd dream that I could control. But then I woke up. I just looked around the room and checked what time it was. It had only been around an hour since I last got in.

This dream was entirely different. I could control what was happening and such, but it was a really fake dream. I was at a friend's house, but it wasn't his real house. And in his backyard was a bunch of fishes. I have been watching this anime called Seto no Hayame. (Anime about mermaids.) So I saw a bunch of characters from it. But the weird thing was, there was stuff from everywhere. Even the games I played. I then wished to become a mermaid/merman also.

Eventually I turned into that. And the stuff started changing... The whole house disappeared while the yard turned into an aquarium. And people were eating fish, and I, being the merpeople, was disgusted right now. But... One of the tanks broke and we all got flooded out to the door. And outside was a hot desert. I thought I had woke up. But it was scary. I was exactly in the same spot I was sleeping and such. But it was night time.

I was in the room where my Dad died, but I always think he protects me. So I wasn't afraid. But before I opened my eyes, I saw a shadow of a hand over my eyes. And I could see it under my eyelids. I opened my eyes to discover no one. Time itself had stopped. But then shadows started moving. And a pair of hands grabbed my arms. I was being paralyzed. I couldn't talk or move.

The kind of stuff I have heard other people talking about around here. But this was different. I tried to break free by shoving my hands away. Kinda stupid. But then I said "LEAVE" but my voice couldn't go through. It loosened it's grip for a moment. But it grabbed me again. I screamed "I am a child of God" but it came out as a whisper again. It wouldn't let go this time. I was trapped here being attacked by this ghost.

His hands were freezing cold, and it looked more like rotting flesh. I finally woke up. I told myself to not be afraid. To remember the epiphany I realized when I read that story. But I couldn't resist so I ran outside, I usually turn on the T.V. to get me going on. I usually do because it distracts me.

And once again, here I am typing this in the same exact room. I just saw him walk pass the room in the hall again. I'm a little creeped out that there was a ghost in my dreams. Is this just an awkward dream, or was it really happening? Can there really be a ghost in your dreams. And, if possible, can anyone tell me who this ghost was? I only saw his hands.

And just a reminder, I can't see ghosts well. I can only feel their presence.

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lrkmedium101 (7 stories) (105 posts)
13 years ago (2008-12-15)
Well I am a medium, but you might be a sensitive, just guessing. I think the hands were evil and such, only because they were rotting, if they were hands of a good man they wouldn't be all fleshy and rotting.
Best of Luck
❤ Leah
Katie (guest)
14 years ago (2007-09-21)
Your mind is most open when your asleep and that's how ghosts/spirits get in your mind. Ghosts are not suppose to hurt you I see them in my dreams and real life as a ghost I didn't know they were dead people I just thought they were normal people in my dreams. Don't worry nothing to be scared of you know. Trust me!
I can see through things at night so I can see what I ghost see's kinda. I have been some other people in my dreams which is strange and creepy in a way. Ghosts do get in your dreams because your mind is open when your asleep. 😊
fudgybunny (1 stories) (28 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-15)
Ghosts can go into your dreams. However, I just want you to know that real ghosts aren't like the ones on horror movies. The ghosts in the real world don't attack someone for no reason. So do some research and try to think of someone who holds a grudge against either you or your family/friends.
tunes (guest)
14 years ago (2007-08-15)
i had a dream where a lot of snakes were trying to attack me. And also there was someone, not sure if I know them or not but there was one snake that was trying to bite the woman and she was jumping up an down and then the snake was around her on the floor but it dort of did not bite her. What would that mean?
adrian (guest)
14 years ago (2007-08-13)
hi loved
you've really freaked me out, I had dreams simaler to yours: as in the order and "weirdness" the first dream was in my church with my cousin, I could control myself in my dream. It started by everyone hunddled around this box and as I got closer everyone moved away for me. All that was left in the box was a necklace with a glowing purple orb in it. I brought it into church to my cousin who took it. Then it just started screaming but when I took it it stopped but I felt really sick. Something shook me awake. I woke up sweating, not knowing who shook me.
I fell back immediantly into sleep. This dream I couldn't control. Don't be suprised. I was watching the craft that night but my dream was cartoony there were ugly witches everywhere while I was watching. I tried to move but my mind wouldn't allow me. Then this witch got out this book of shadows and read a spell to snuff out life. Everything went black for about 9.5 secs then a picture of me came out of the darkness saying wicca repeatedly. I was trying to decide who I was after that. I have been trying to decide whether wicca or christianity is right for me I'm guessing christ. Help please.
Lisa (guest)
14 years ago (2007-08-11)
Hi Loved. Please do not despair. Yes ghosts can communicate with you in dreams. It is lost and scared, feeling unworthy, unloved.

I found this website looking for something else and have found sooo many people out there frighted and confused by spirit. Please have a look at the other comments I have put on this site, for other people, otherwise I'll be here all day. Try the methods and if all else fails, get some sage and smudge the house. It'll get rid of all energies. But please make sure you go out after smudging for the day, otherwise you'll feel very odd.

Good luck and light & love.

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