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All I can say about this story is that it will be a blast and I please urge who is reading this to read all the way through and any advice you could perceive to me would be of most interest.

I will be jumping back and forward through my amazing story and please understand my need to share this. Well here goes...When I was about twelve I had a major interest in martial arts and I wanted to be a stunt man when I grew up. So I found a person who was willing to train me. He was a martial arts instructor and he and I became friends for many years. I had the utmost respect for him as he had thought me how to defend myself to a great deal and a number of altercations growing up proved thus. Also he drilled into me not to hurt anyone unless I had to and to live my life by helping others and never misusing it.

My mother had gotten involved with an organization called educo whose main figure head was a man named Tony Quinn. She paid twenty thousand to go on a seminar to learn from him and came back a different woman for it. She lost over nine stone as was a figure of health always buzzing around very happy in everyone's eyes. Then when she approached me about going on one of these seminars I first declined.

But upon hearing that he had trained Steve Collins who was the WBO middle and super middle weight boxing champion I decided I could learn something from him also. So I took on a heavy loan at the time and flew to Monte Carlo to see this person. Well it started all very well, mostly he went on about using the unconscious mind to imprint programs and achieve more from your life and it all sounded good. I must also stress that hypnosis was also used by him as demonstrations. So after about five days I began to feel very weird.

I would be standing still yet inside I was swaying from side to side I thought something was seriously wrong but against my better judgment I proceeded through with the course. Then he decided to do an island which was where he put twelve people in a circle and got them to hold hands. I don't know weather it was through hypnosis or not but he put his hands on the back of my head and stomach and all of a sudden I felt a huge surge coming to my head the best way to describe it would be a fit and then I was not in the room any more.

I have absolutely no idea where I went or what happened. Once I came round I felt better that ever I looked out at the sea and all I could see was a massive haze lying on the water. When I would walk around I would see a glow like you would see in religious movies and believe me I am not religious by any means. When I returned back home after about two weeks I hit a major depression. I could not get out of bed and for someone who was as active as me this was very new.

I would go through days where I would not be out of bed for more that ten minutes in any 24 hour period. This went on for several months until I decided that something was seriously wrong and I needed help fast. So I turned to the only person I thought could help me which was my martial arts instructor. He told me what I had suffered was an opening of my chakras through hypnosis and the fact that I was not aware of it had done a lot of damage to me. So I proceeded to take steps I started back training and believe me it was next to impossible to do so.

After about a year of this I was able to find some steady work and began to improve little by little. The best way I could describe this would be like a stroke victim trying to get back to health. I had past regressions done where I was brought back through several life times and brought back to where this seminar happened and all I was doing was breaking down with not quite true explanations as to what really happened. It was always in the back of my mind for a long time and I needed more help with this.

Then a friend of mine gave me a number to an angel reader and told me to go see her so I did. Well what can I say if anyone did not believe in readers or mediums this is proof of all of those people. Well I met her and she was a lovely middle age woman who sat me down and proceeded with the reading. I must stress here no cards were used here for the reading. Firstly she went on about that I had got involved with a man who was very flamboyant very charismatic and that there was more to this person than meets the eye. She was able to tell me exactly how much I had paid for this seminar which was 19.

550. Also she knew about the island and by this time I nearly fell over. She explained that what was done was against my judgment and not to let it hold me back and as soon as the reading was over to drop it from my mind and never think of it again. Also that she was very aware of who he was and that he will have his day weather in this world or the next. Then the reading moved on she explained to me that I would be going to college within two years and that I would be doing a very technical job and will do very well out of it. That I would have a boy who will achieve world class level in some sort of sport but she did not know which sport it would be in. That my girl would have white hair and would be very special to me also. She then said that I would remember three women the day that I died and that she was not on about flings. That the first I would meet on a night out and that she would be older than me and I would be with her for about 18 months.

That the second I would be with for about only 6 weeks and that she was a lovely woman but just too much of a free spirit for me. That the third would be my wife, that I would be with her for about six months and that we would break up for a while and that we both would try and move on with our lives but that we won't be able to and we will end up together again. Also that she had been very hurt in the past that we both will not know why we broke up and will laugh about it in years to come. Also that I was married to her in a previous life. She explained to me that all three will know each other and that some one would cross me who I thought was my friend. At the end of the reading I walked out of her place and guess what happened I forgot everything that I was told. So about four months later I met a girl whom I greatly loved and appreciated I was with her for about 18 months and we ended because it was not right for me. I met another girl some time later that was lovely just too young in mind for me so we went our separate ways.

Then I met another girl who was lovely but had been through a bad time in her life. Well what happened next got to me in a lot of ways; I introduced her to my so called martial arts instructor who then in my absence proceeded to tell her every thing I had been through but his version. Well we broke up and I am not quite sure why it happened.

He also introduced these three women to each other and let's just say we are not friends anymore. What reason he done this to me I don't know but I guess I have to let that go.

I returned about a year after that for another reading and she knew the whole lot that it would have taken something like this for me to see who my friends are and that I had so much respect for him that I had to lose some one close to me in order to realize. That this girl I had broken up with really needs to see the love I have in my eyes again because she really needs it but it will have to be on her terms and when she is ready. So that was the main element of my story and I am sure I probably left something out but any comments or reviews or if you would like to e-mail me would be greatly appreciated.

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