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I don't know if I got psychic talents but, I'm French and I don't talk so good English but I can write easy as I went to English class.

I never feel like I can control my power but all I can say that my life is full of stress until I'm 17 since my grand father died and others problems.

One day I was sleeping when I was driving and it's like if an angel saved my life. At times I feel that I know what to do when I wake up. This thing happened many times. I know I got an angel, is that true or not?

I always know that this life is so powerful. We're human, life is perfect I think.

I'm just asking myself how to relax really and be proud to be human when all goes wrong on earth. I want to relax more my mind or I will die I think lol. Stress make me crazy really. When I was 20, I live 2 years with an infection in the face because of stress and the doctor said it's one person in a million got that kind of infection.

I think I come from a family of extremely mind strong. I was the best at school and never do nothing just laughing about people. I'm not what I want to be now. I want to change all my life and this year I know something will change.

I got extremely power force when I'm mad. I want to change my mad attitude. When I got mad I'm like a demon or can be one. I want to get help with my comportement if someone could reply on my story... My life!

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epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-26)
It is normal to be angry sometimes. Not only us became on that state. God also sometimes became angry like is written in the holy bible. He had made the GREAT FLOOD because he got angry with the evil people. And also he destroyed the offsprings of the fallen angels namely "GIANTS".I believe in angels and also thier counterpart. Each of us has a guardian angel.
Stick (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-23)
I know where you are coming from, with the anger. I was stuck with anger most of my life too. If you would like to hear how I overcame it, over the last year, I would be more then willing to share it with you. Maybe it will give you an idea or somewhere to start. I just prefer not to post the long story on here. Feel free to email me if you so chose.

Yanek5442 [at]
summersun (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-22)
I can relate to your story and yes there are angels and yes, we are protected sometimes by them. Some people like you who have a very powerful energy exhibit it through their emotions such as when you are angry or sad or happy. The best way to control your anger and not be like a demon is to find the thing or "voice" that is causing your anger and figure out how to deal with it. You control yourself and sometimes even though there are things we can't see or hear affecting us, we have the power to control how they affect us. I am learning to deal with my anger like yours with turning to the bible and meditating... If I focus on the positive energy and things in my life I draw positive energy... If I let the negative win than the negative gains control and I feel like an evil "demon". Just because some people feel that we are superior beings does not mean we are... There are things far greater than our imagination can take us hiding, watching, taking, helping, protecting, using, they are dark and light energies such as angels and demons... Now you must decide which side you are on. And go from there. 😊

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