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Things That I Can't Explain


When I was a young boy (14) my best friend and I hiked to a canyon in the Northern Cape called Aughrabies and that night we both saw a woman standing in front of us. She did not say or do anything but we both saw her standing there just looking at us. We were far from people and actually slept there illegally.

When I turned 40 a whole lot of new "experiences" suddenly started happening- I will sketch them just in short

I got diagnosed with cancer of the bladder- at the same time, EVERY time that I walked into my bedroom the alarm clock stood on exactly the same 3 numbers ie 3h33 or 2h22. After it happened a couple of times I pointed it out to my wife and it is still carrying on 10 years later.

Having been diagnosed with the cancer I needed to move to a farm where I could live without the abuses that we put our bodies through in a city. Did not have enough money to do so and went gambling and won more than a million Rand (zar currency) This money I shared with a good friend who was with me- gave him half of it.

Found a little farm where I'm still living and strange things kept on happening. At 1st I thought that I'm in command of the wind- could feel it just below my stomach. After about a month or so I realized that I was just lucky to be able to feel what the wind was doing before it actually did it.

I made jam one day and 500 ml of boiling water fell over my arm- as it happened I realized that I was not going to burn, there was not even a red mark to show that boiling water has just spilled all over my arm.

And then a poisonous scorpion stung me on the chest one night. Something told me to put my left hand on the spot and within a couple of seconds the fierce burning pain dissappeared completely.

I have sent in another story which is even more weird than all these strange happening.

I distill alcohol from the citrus on the farm- (illegally like every-one else around here) and the kettle blew up whilst I was standing next to it- 60 litres of boiling juice covered my upper body and arms and I screamed with intense pain. All the skins came of my arms and upper body and for 2 hours I was in agony- something said to me you have suffered enough and the pain was gone and is still gone. The weird thing is that it is now only a month later and there is no sign -not at all- left of 2nd degree burns. Life is truly strange and there is some things which are not to be understood...

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