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Trying To Make Sense Out Of This


This happened a year or so ago...

It was late one night when I went to bed (my wife was fast asleep already) and before I could fall asleep my whole field of vision was filled with strange organic tunnels. Out of the top left tunnel a "map" or a paper came out and unfolded. It was very strange! This became my absolute reality. The first reality was that of going up in a plant, moving through the sap and I loved this. It was as if something wanted to show me how things really work on this planet. Please excuse me if this story is not complete but raw fear made me forget some parts of it. Every time a new reality came out of a tunnel and some was very beautiful- when I wanted to stay longer, a voice gave me a silly codeword "if you want to come back here, this is the code word blah blah blah..." It was the visits to strange and very fearful "earth gods" that made me so frightened, The "guide" with me took me to a couple such denizens. I could alternate between this reality and the one that I live in normally. I woke my wife up twice and tried to explain to her that something very strange is happening to me and that I was scared as never before. After about 2 hours of these strange happenings I was completely exhausted. It felt as if I was being tossed in the waves and that death was the next step. I remember the last "reality" very clearly... The dog on the next door farm was barking, I suddenly just went there in my mind and looked at this dog as it was barking at wild cat in a tree. Suddenly the dog became aware of me and it started howling in a very weird way. So now I'm back in bed and listening to this weird howling, knowing that the dog is freaked out because I've just been there with it. Then someone came to me (maybe the guide) and said "come...I will take you out of here" within a minute I was back in normality again and could fall asleep. There was a loud crack in my spine as I came out of it and wonder if a nerve or something was not pinched in order to cause this very weird experience. It was totally real- I lived those 2 hours and life has never been the same after that. It is as if I have died or as if I have experienced everything and that I now may die because there is nothing more to experience. If I have to try and explain it- it was like a page out of Carlos Castaneda's books... Any one else ever experienced something like this? This has not happened to me ever since although the guide has been with me ever since. I'm also not scared of this any more but do not know how to get back there to challenge this experience... And don't give me arty-farty bullshiat please. You either know or you don't and shut your trap if you dont. Hehe

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isisevangeline (3 stories) (172 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-11)
The guide already told you. Remember the code word. Think as your about to fall asleep. Or ask your guide since it now stays with you.
AnneV (4 stories) (1051 posts) mod
11 years ago (2009-11-11)
I don't know what you consider arty farty but you're looking through your third eye. Call it what you will, your bi-locating and doing some remote viewing.

How can anyone truly explain the workings of consciousness and this universe? We know about 0.01% of what's really out there. You saw one more slice. If you want to access this more, spend more time in the near sleep state (meditation). This isn't hooey, just how it works.

We are all shown different things and I doubt any two people are going to be shown the same thing. We each have different experiences that we need to have for our growth. I see through my third eye all the time (but I also work with it on a regular basis) and am shown some pretty amazing stuff that most people wouldn't even believe. For example, one time, a gnome appeared in what seemed like some underground setting. He was sipping tea and told me to look at the lottery for seven days and it would be like looking at paper. So, for the next seven days, I went to Safeway and looked at the daily lottery. On the seventh day, I left my body, asked to see the numbers, up they popped and it was just like looking at paper. And they were the right numbers in the right order.

Thanks for sharing.

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