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Last night I was at a friend's house with some of his family and friends. His neighbor who was also there believes that people can have a psychic ability.

We were talking to her and he got onto the topic of the light post which would turn on or off when he passed it, indicating the answer to his question, and how he felt he could give and take energy from people.

Before I left he told me "don't be surprised if the light turns on". As I was coming up to it, I stared at this light which was dimly lit. When it was right at the top of the windscreen nearly out of sight, it flicked on to a bright white light.

Closer to home, I noticed another street light, but with a fluorescent globe instead, which was only dimly lit. As I was driving up to it, I was just thinking to myself "how funny would it be if the light turned itself on". I looked at it in the rear view mirror and the light was flickering on.

Coming down my street, I started to wonder what time it was and the clock in my car did not have its back-light working much lately. A few seconds later, the light comes on with the time 11:11.

Also, my watch has been playing up over the last few months. Whenever I wear it, it stops after 30min. I put it in the draw to take to get fixed and when I get it out it is going again.

How can I develop these skills to make them occur at will?

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Psionic (3 stories) (70 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-18)
Meditation is the best bet. This will calm you mind, body and spirit, and also focus on your energy field.
I also think that having faith and confidence in yourself that you can control and develop your powers is also a part of it.
Also practice is another technique that you can do to develop your powers. With practice, you learn how it is channelled and what triggers it. It worked for me in controling my powers, and it will work for you. I hope this helps. Good luck and thanks for sharing.:)

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