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I have lived in several states, and have known that I was never alone even when I'm the only one in the room. When I was younger (5 years old) I saw things that other did not, and they assumed I had an invisible friend (this lessened as time passed), and it was very frightening at the time. Now, I mostly feel things that I can't explain. Most of what I sense around me are calm (maybe a little tense sometimes), but seldom angry or hostile.

On some occasions when I enter a place, a sudden feeling of sadness, anger, apprehension or fear will come over me. When I have sense a strong fear come over me, I leave immediately. I still see things once in a while that I can't explain, like shadows, partial figures and flickering lights. Only once for a 2 1/2 year period did I experience a hostile. I had no training in how to handle what I saw, felt, smelled, and heard. Objects flying across the room, temperature changes, animal sounds, and smell of something I can't describe. I had to move. A psychic told me that I feel what the both the living and the dead are feeling, and that I had to learn to tell the difference between what is me and what part is others? Sometimes it can get very confusing.

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