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Inverse Psychic Abilities?


For my entire life, I've always been interested in things that are mysterious and supernatural. Things such as ghosts, magic, psychic powers, etc. Have always been a point of fascination, from the idealized fantasies of my childhood to the more serious interest that I hold today. The painful part is that I've never considered myself to have any of these "powers."

Lately, however, I've had certain experiences that lead me to believe I may have a rather odd form of psychic ability, and I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what it is. It is easiest for me to explain through example, so I will relay one particular experience. I apologize for the length, but I'd like to be as detailed and specific about what happened as possible:

I was on vacation with my older sister in Louisiana and we decided to visit the Myrtles Plantation - reportedly one of the most haunted sites in the country (my sister is as fascinated with the supernatural as I am, and she is psychically gifted). We went on two separate tours; the first tour was a walk-through of the plantation home, explaining the history of the home itself without going into its haunted aspects.

When we entered the ladies' parlor room, the first thing that I noticed was this small, circular table ornamented with an antique coffee set and draped with a heavy, dark red, velvet tablecloth that fell to the ground around it. It wasn't sitting in the center of the room, but rather slightly to the right and back; it was an unusual arrangement, since the couches and armchairs positioned around it had to awkwardly block off the fireplace on the wall, and most of the floor space was left bare as a result. I found myself simultaneously drawn to and slightly unnerved by that table. I listened to the tour guide and observed politely when she pointed something out, but for the few minutes that we stayed there, I mostly ended up either hovering around that table or watching it intently, just trying to take in every detail about it. At the time, I didn't find this too strange and waved it off as a passing fancy - the color of the tablecloth was pleasant to look at, or the coffee set had an interesting design.

The second tour that we went on an hour later was the "ghost tour," which is exclusively about the haunted history of the home. It was a lot of fun because of how lively and cheerful the new tour guide was, and I didn't even think about the table again until we entered the ladies' parlor room. When we did, I was very surprised at myself: while everyone else calmly ambled in and looked around curiously, my eyes fell on that table and I made a direct beeline for it, circling around to its other side quickly and just standing there two feet away, staring at it hard.

I was even more surprised when the tour guide gathered everyone around the table a couple minutes later and asked us if any of us were psychic. It didn't seem that anyone else was (my sister stayed silent - she doesn't advertise herself just to get attention), and he explained that on most of his tours, he gets at least one or two people in the group who start to edge uncomfortably towards the open doors that connect to the adjacent men's parlor room at this point in the tour. He explained that when he asked them what was wrong, they would always say that something about the room just felt disturbing, and most claimed to be psychic.

He then drew our attention to the circular table that we were standing around, and told us that this happened because right where the table stood, a psychic portal ran upward from the ground under the house, up through both floors and the roof, and that the energy emitted from the portal repelled a lot of psychically sensitive people (and also that most of the paranormal experiences on the tour happen in that room as a result).

Of course, everyone started sticking their hands over the table. I hung back, mostly because ten other people had lunged forward to try and there wasn't any room left, but when my sister (who had her hand over the table) gasped and started chattering excitedly about how she felt it, I decided to try as well. There wasn't much room over the table at this point, and I couldn't help but gasp as well when I felt a steady, cool stream of air blowing directly up into my palm, through three other people's hands that were below mine.

My sister got even more excited by my reaction, while everyone else was just getting frustrated. She instructed them to rub their hands together well and shake them out to rid them of all the energies gathered there, and most of the people who did so were then able to feel the odd stream of air as well. Then they promptly followed the tour guide when he called them into the next room and didn't look back. I hung back, though, while my sister started meticulously trying to figure out if it was fake - lifting up the tablecloth to see if an air conditioning system was underneath, looking inside the coffee carafe and cups. There was nothing there, and for the entire time that we were in the men's parlor room next door, I kept looking back at that table, feeling like I wanted to get closer to it again.

It is not so much the portal itself that I am getting at, but the fact that I felt strongly drawn to something that most other psychics have been repulsed by when they encountered it, and I have been involved in other similar situations. It was not even a conscious attraction; from the moment that I first saw the table, I just liked it so very much and I had no idea why.

What sort of psychic ability could this possibly be, to be attracted to energies that are normally repulsive? My sister seems to be rather indiscriminate towards the things that she senses - she is never particularly attracted or repulsed, just fascinated. I've always been strange and different as a person, so I'm not really too surprised that I'm strange and different on a psychic level as well; I'd just like to find out exactly in what way I'm different. I appreciate any comments and ideas that can shed some light on this matter for me.

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Targ_Collective (1 stories) (49 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-27)
Not enough data. I've heard of 'weak points' before but never encountered any. There could be any number of explanations for this - the most positive one I can think of is that your Spirit has used and understands this type of energy whereas others have fear of the unknown or a type of energy they are not good at using. I don't know. They can be dangerous especially to those who are vulnerable by nature, so approach with caution until you know more. I'm getting a beam of light - it should, then be positive energy. But an image of a beam of darkness just came to me too, so it could switch or something. Darkness is bad news. Or my own thoughts could be imprinting on the astral; I could just be picking up those.

Hey, I never said scrying was *easy*.

Anyhow, you're psychic, good. If you get in contact with me I could help you develop that.
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2009-12-23)
physical possessions sometimes retain the energy of the person to whom they belonged. Perhaps the energy of the owner of the tea set was compatible with yours. I sense that the myrtles people placed the table over the cold spot to be able to find it readily and that is why the furniture was oddly placed.

Some people fear things they can't understand with their physical senses so they are repelled by them. It isn't revulsion - it is fear. A lot of people I have met have a fascination with the spirit world but when anything ghostly happens they turn to jelly and run or start crying or all three. Others want to learn more.

Feeling a cold spot is not a psychic ability but your interest in the tea set might be something except you don't mention getting any visions or feelings when you touched it. In my opinion you aren't calming the energies- you are uniting with them and feel comfortable with them. Good for you!

Love and Light...Always
Shia453 (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-21)
Hm, I wonder what element I could possibly have an affinity for if it's this rare. I always seem to end up acting oppositely from almost all other psychics that I meet or hear about.

Speaking of healing (I probably should have mentioned this somewhere in the anecdote), it seems to me that I'm never actually repulsed by anything - I'm either attracted or indifferent. Cemeteries, for instance, always make me feel at peace and never seem to hold any activity when I am present or for anyone else who happens to be around me (though I have encountered spirits directly before).

Could my power possibly have to do with either calming or repelling the energies around me? Is that a type of power that's connected to an element, to a past life, or to something else?
Triniti (1 stories) (69 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-19)
thats pretty awesome
Ive always been different 2 and I just see visions of the future (im an indigo child but I'm not very good or just not sensetive) I think yur attraction mite have 2 do with a past life
Thats based on so many experience me and my frends have had with ghosts and visions
But that another post
Lasker2 (5 stories) (89 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-17)
In some cultures there is the concept of the "elements," though this is different from elements of the periodic table.

There are the common four elements of fire, earth, water, and wind. Though some cultures have more complex systems where elements mix - water and wind would produce ice, for instance.

These elements are named after the physical effect the elements seem to have in comparisons to each other, as well as a type of special energy associated with each - water energy has a healing effect, while fire energy is destructive, for instance.

Some people have an affinity for a particular element. When you have an affinity, you are drawn to that element and feel repulsed by that element's opposite.

Thus you had an affinity for whatever element was shooting from the table, while other psychics were rejected by it because it's the opposite of their elemental nature.

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