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The Ugly Old Lady And Others


My physic experiences have occurred since I was little. I remember seeing dark figures out of the corner of my eye so I figured it was my dark hair and pulled my hair up at all times. But then when I felt this strange, female, eerie - yet friendly presence follow me and stalk me in my dreams I started to questions these figures. Then one night I was so tired of feeling like I was being stared at and watched that I snapped leaped out of bed and whispered in a forceful tone "Get away from me." And then I never felt them again.

That is, until now. I just walked to my bathroom and saw/felt (even if it was just for a second) the same strange, female, eerie and friendly presence stand in my living room. I got frightened because I could feel her filled with rage and betrayal.

I have dreams too, I dreamt, clearly, that I was on the phone with my friend and I remember I was on the computer and I remember what I was looking at and the lightening and how I felt inside. Then, a few months later, that happened. It's also happened with driving down the road, sitting and hanging out with my aunt and multiple other things. I call it déjà vu, but how can it be déjà vu when I clearly see it in my dreams?

Also, sometimes, even if this sounds crazy, when I'm up late and I go to bed I feel a female presence and see her white figure (my eyes are always shut) run across the room in a panic and disappear by my bed. I feel she is frightened but, I don't feel anyone else come after her.

Once, at a friends house my friend was changing and I walked into the back room and danced in the room then I felt a presence that was a male, my guess is in his mid-30's and he seemed to be curious and brooding at the same time. I remember telling my friend about it and she just laughed.

Then later when me and my friend were in the room talking something dropped and we saw it drop, but no one was in the room with us! Then I felt the male presence stand behind me and sort of be curious, but I felt that he thought it was sadistically amusing to see us scream and cower in fear.

Also, at that friends house I had a dream about an ugly old woman who keeps appearing for some reason. I walked into a haunted house and I felt a "female presence" as I said in the dream and I felt the woman was a widow and that I should explore my friend's house to find horrifying experiences that she wanted me to see.

Well, after that dream happened my friend went upstairs I got this burning curiosity to explore her back room, so I did. I opened a closet door and I thought I heard wailing and then I was frightened because it was a woman who I felt move past me and a feeling of terrifying murder rushed over me and I was so scared that I slammed the door shut. I knew that the ugly old woman wanted me to experience that and I was mad at her for that.

Well, that old ugly woman keeps appearing in my dreams! I remember once that I was in a black room, in a ball on the ground terrified with all of these spirits around me. I was looking up at them and then the ugly old woman gets into my face and says "The more you believe in us; the more you will see us." And she laughed in a horrible way and I woke up to feel a bunch of people crowding my bed. The lady always gives me advice in a wicked way that frightens me.

So I stopped believing in spirits for a while and encountered no more until one day I started to believe again and I felt all these enraged and angry people crowd into my room as if it was a mob. I really believe I may be physic but what do you think?

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LostPsychic (3 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-19)
Hmmm... I can understand what you're saying because I have once felt that way. I believe that negative energy or vibes can attract negative spirits... (not saying that you're negative in any way because I don't know you personally)

Being scared, frustrated, mad, or simply not at peace are some sort of not-so-good vibes.

Suggestion: Free your room/house of any clutter. It may help to get rid of uneccessary items as to get rid of uneccessary clutters in your own mind.

Relieve yourself of anything negative before you go to bed. Smile often during the day. Have patience and understanding for others.

Then, mentally, in your mind, tell yourself to ask the old lady what she wants when you see her OR ask her in your mind necause when you are asleep you might just remember not to be afraid and ask the old lady what she wants.

Not sure if that was much help. I know it helps me and a few other people, but not for everyone. Find what works for you. Also, don't be afraid. Tell yourself you are not afraid.
xxwhatamixx (3 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-19)
No comments? Thanks for the help guys... I'm in on this one alone. 🤔

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