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I am 14. I am also not sure if the things I see are real or not. I can also see people and creatures in the air. And that's everywhere. Some times when I read I see the place they are talking about. It's like a little movie. I can see energy forces around people (there is no color though). Some times I just know things. And lights have this purple thing around it. But the thing is that, I can touch it too.

During the day, the spirits are pretty nice. But when night comes, the shadow people are different. Some of them don't even looks like people. Sometimes they make my heart speed up and stop. Sometimes they put things through me or poke me.

Few days ago there was a really big one. It had a huge mouth filled with lots of teeth. It was so scary to look at. But it didn't touch me. I also knew there was someone behind me with no intention to hurt me. I guess it was afraid of the thing behind me because another one came and tried to cut my arm and I think it got killed.

Sometimes I there doing whatever I'm doing and then I'm someone else at somewhere else. I could hear her thoughts. I think she is blind because I cannot see. When I come back time has passed and no one notices.

I have tried to communicate with the spirits and they responded. So now they are showing me places. Some of them have people and some don't. I also know that it is in this world but I don't know where. Some of the places I see, I visit in my dreams. Last of all sometimes certain rooms trigger certain visions.

I had this before when I was really young. It was strong too. I even when to Rome (the building were the same when I checked in a textbook.) but somehow I think I've sealed it or something because when I was in gr. 3 to gr. 6 it wasn't that strong. In gr. 7 I had a dream about awakening. It was very painful because I was gasping for air. Back then I just thought it was a dream but since then it grew stronger again.

Can you tell me if this is real?

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Inmyownworld13 (5 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-03)
I also see shadow people as well, they are scary but they haunt me at night times and follow me around. You sound pretty powerful and as shelbygirl14 said you do sound like a medium. It all sounds as if its real but if an experiance happens to you like your visions just step back for a minute like out of reality and just contemplate what acctually happened then youll find your proof as well as your answers =). Meditation is also good for this but if you can just have some alone time were you can just sit back and relax this will help you onfront the shadow people and demons a little better (as long as you don't do it in the dark, preferably in the day time and be as close as you can to nature. Shes kind and will protect you from the day shadow people and demons, if you respect her) you will be relaxed so you will have a better experiance with them and possibly even find out what they are doing there or what they want. You might even be able to talk to the demons after a little while or relaxing and meditating. Hope I helped and good luck in the future

xxemoxxeyesxx13 (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-18)
I just posted a story today and I witness some stuff that you witness. I see a thing surrounding people but it is clear. I also see shadows during the day and night. The things I see get violent at night. They swarm around me. I have had a dream once where a shadow pulled me upside and was making my head bob up and down. I woke up and I was hanging upside down with my head bobbing. I am also14. I have had these abilities since I was young. These things I witness growl and scream at night. They also whisper at night. They only communicate with me at night. It frightens me. I have noticed the talking starts at around 5-6 pm.
shelbygirl14 (3 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-17)
i honestly think that its real. It sounds like your a medium... I could be one if I just meditate more, which you should do to calm your mind and relax it. Also if there are any demons like the one with the teeth (I think that's a demon... Not sure though) pray to god for pertection or you can imagain a white light around you. I'm 15 and I'm just now starting to learn to improve on my gifts. I can see the futer... Hope I helped. And if you email me or anything just let me know.

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