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Something Mysterious About Me


I just thought I'll share the abilities that I have been experiencing since I was 14 I am now 21.

Premonitions-in my dreams and visions during the day. Just of simple events or conversations. They are just not off visions but also can hear a noise but nothing has caused it like a door slamming then moments later it happens. Constantly get the feeling off dejavu.

I know who is calling or about to call and who has texted or about to text. The one story I really recall because I wish it never happened. I was asleep then the phone went off which woke me but as I woke I whispered NO! I knew it was my nan ringing to say that my auntie had died and there was now need for her to die as she was only 45 years. It was horrible because my mum picked it up and then when she told me I didn't know how to react I couldn't tell her that I somehow knew that her sister had died before her.

I feel people's emotions and see auras. I also know if someone is going to cough because I get a tickly throat or cough, sneeze at the same time. I can also sense emotions of ghosts. I went to the Edinburgh vaults and I wanted to get out also had a huge emotion to cry and felt that there was a little girl with me, she wanted to understand and wanted protection from someone. As I left I nearly fainted as felt so overwhelmed

I sense things and listen to my gut instinct. The other week for no reason I felt like an argument was about to happen and two friends came into mind. I texted them one of them said 2 late just had it, She was out clubbing the other texted me back few days later saying that she had a huge argument and split up with her boyfriend.

I can picture where people are for example if my parents are late picking me up I know exactly where they are I always check with them afterward.

I feel close to my dead grandad's mum even though have never met her or even seen a picture even though I am positive of what she looks like I feel she is my spirit guide. All I know is that she was a Romany (gypsy)

I have also tried healing. My friends cats are very old and one day one of them was having trouble with her back legs so I sat with her stroking her with a healing crystal in my hand picturing a white healing light it's the first time in her life she has ever been completely still moments later she easily jumped onto the coffee table.

I often have moments when I feel like I am being watched - ghost, angel, spirit guide I don't know. One time I was talking to my friend when this person popped out from behind a tree just staring at me, they then went back behind the tree. I did not then let my eyes off the tree I walked past and no one was there.

To help me in my development I use crystals, tarot, pendulum, angels and meditation but still feel just as confused

Also my eyes change color depending on my emotion my eyes are blue but sometimes go green, grey, or really light blue. The more blue the happier I am, when grey I am sad (when I have experienced a loss) and green when I am angry. It is strange as I personally don't show emotion it is not part of my personality but my eye colour does. I have met people before that have said that there is something mysterious about me and also people find it hard not to look at my eyes.

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