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Unexplained And Mysterious Life


I have an extensive past and present of strange and mysterious occurrences both in my dream states and everyday life. To begin I've been told by many different people i.e. A shaman, a homeopathic doctor, and a clairvoyant who listens to angels, among others (none having any knowledge of each other) that I have an open psyche and psychic and prophetic abilities and that spirits are drawn to me. I even had one woman tell me she listens to angels and they have spoken of me. I'm not sure what to believe but if it is just coincidence it is strange. I haven't told these people anything I have gone through or dreamed until after they have mentioned my psychic abilities, but I have been too freaked out to go into much detail with them or ask questions so I let it be and went on with my life, but it keeps getting thrown back into my face. Here are some instances of my "abilities": I was in Dallas, Texas staying at a hotel across from the World Trade Market at the end of 2000. While I was there I had dreams of the World Trade Center being bombed by flying demons, but it was not the one in Dallas and it had two towers that the demons called the towers of Babylon and it was very futuristic at the time, but I remembered it and less than a year later 9/11 occurred. I have also had dreams where I wake up speaking another language for about 5 minutes after I wake which I only know English, but in the dreams I remember speaking other languages fluently, also in these dreams and many other ones I am visited by a dark man who feels like an old soul, but I cannot make him out he is almost shadow like. I have had instances where I am awake and I have seen shadows come through my door or hover around me and a voice that whispers forcefully to them "no not her". I have also been told by others that I am haunted by what I am not sure. Since I can remember I have always had unusual things happen and am drawn to the number 13. Sometimes I feel like this is all just a waking dream because my dreams are vivid and realistic with a multitude of colors. I also can tell how a person feels when they enter a room and sometimes those emotions overwhelm me. I have also oddly, but not as frequent picked up on people's thoughts especially if they were negative towards me and have been able to tell them exactly what they thought (which tends to freak people out). Of course this is only a brief discussion of my so-called abilities (which I have no idea how to fully harness or if I actually possess these abilities or I am just crazy but then again if I am crazy these other people who have told me this stuff must be too and if they hadn't mentioned something to me and it having being told to me over and over again I would still be hiding in the dark and pretending that none of it happens). I guess I am in need of help trying to sort through all of this and come to terms with the reality that in some essence this could all be probable. Does anyone have any insight?

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whisper1313 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-18)
Thank you Anne for your wonderful insight. I have been reading a massive amount of articles since I found this site (yesterday). I am amazed at the knowledge provided and a lot of it makes sense. Some people are more atuned to the "supernatural" because their minds are open. I do believe it is a circle of life that we come into this world as children closer to God and able to pick up on the other planes of existence, but as we grow older society and worldy aspects come into our midsts and tries to detach us from our abilities. I have had a hard lesson on that one, and it is all a learning process. As we get older we once again become childlike and our minds open to those planes again. I do believe before we die we experience a regression to a child like state becuase we must be children to enter into "God's kingdom". I have seen this with several people near their death bed (I have been surrounded by death since I was very young and have lost a lot of friends and family). I too have experienced the NDE you talk about and on more than one occassion so a lot of it does make sense. I have always had an opened mind and fought many battles to continue to have it. My inner self is still fighting the knowledge and it is a struggle to allow myself to let go, open fully, and allow my gifts to strengthen (I have that little annoying voice which all I can explain it as is the worldy view telling me that I am crazy and should shut that side of me off), but I am tired of that little voice and want to fully open. I do understand the chakra and the fact that I need to be centered and have all chakras open. I am able to see arua's although it was not taught. I do need to meditate more because I do have a overactive mind that gets distracted very easily. Once again, I will continue to read and practice more of these techniques and I am very thankful for this site, and if anyone would like to mentor me please feel free to email me or comment.

Thank you!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
13 years ago (2011-05-18)
It is very safe to say you have angels around you because for the most part, we all do. Everyone has guides or angels or whatever you want to label the souls that assist us. We all want to be special and in fact, we all our.

These attributes are not talked of much on the street, but it's common on forums such as this. You're an empath and a psychic but we all are to one degree or another. We cannot escape the fact that we are souls. Souls transcend time and space. We are merely here in the physical experiencing this resonating mass because it's a good classroom. However, we still have the soul attributes and will experiences that to varying degrees.

Some of our past lives are here on earth and some are somewhere else. Locked in our subconscious are those people, languages and memories. They will surface in our dreams because we are multidimensional beings and can transcend time and space and this is done more easily while we sleep because we've put our current ego/mind into sleep mode. When we die, we will remember all of this and them. Many NDE (near death experiencers) report full memory of people they currently do not know. Time and time again I meet people of the dearest attachment that are not here on earth at this current time. But when we return to this brain pan (awaken) those memories often fade because their source isn't stored locally. I know that sounds dry but it's really just physics on a paranormal level.

It's amazing any of us get to know any of this considering how locked down society still is. We should all be very thankful though for the internet. Such a wealth of resources and people that open the door to knowledge sharing. If you wish to pursue your spiritual skill set, there are articles on this site on how to develop these abilities but there is also tons of info on the net and it's free. If I were to start over I'd focus on my chakras, aura, meditation and studying how frequencies work.


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