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More Than The Ordinary Psychic?


I'll start from the beginning I guess, this is just a collection of many things that I've encountered. It all started when I was around the age of four. I would start to hear "things", walking around and whispering, but I could never hear what they said. And sometimes they would even brush past me or touch me. And as I got older, I actually began to communicate with them. But then I began to change. The atmosphere (as many of the people around me call it) around me has become very distant and cold. Although I talked to my friends and was over all a happy go lucky person, the second I got home, my entire mood changes. For some reason, I also feel as though I have a fire inside me ready to ignite any moment, and I become very uncomfortable in my own body, as if it isn't mine. It makes me scratch at an always failed attempt to break loose of this uncomfortable feeling under my skin.

And am I going insane? Because I actually get insanely happy at other people's misery and pain all the time. And that's not it; I can see those "things" that I talk to now. But I also see random lights in places that aren't natural, and sometimes I even see what you call sparks flying everywhere. Also, I've begun to touch bases with feeling what others feel, somewhat seeing into their consciousness. Although those are just beginning, my ability to see into the future is crazy dead on, and it used to scare me whenever it came true. And as time passed I'm so used to it now, and it seems to be the only normal part in all of this whole life.

But now it's beginning to alienate itself to me. My dreams, they don't feel the same as though I am seeing the future... They have the same feel like a nightmare, but the chilling feeling of the future too. And if it doesn't get weirder, I'm not scared. The "daemons" I'm seeing, in and out of these "nightmares", I have begun to feel their presence out of the "nightmares" and they feel so familiar to me, like almost family, but better in a sense. Also, they're talking to me about an unbinding? Pains and such and killer headaches have plagued me since around May 2nd. But at the same time as the pain, comes the scare too.

I'm getting glimpses of things, but they aren't the future, they have a different feel to them. And they feel nothing like the normal things humans are submerged in when they immerse in sleep. Please comment and help me if you know what's going on with me. That would be a great help. Thank you.

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SkyRealm (5 stories) (65 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-23)
Ok, Possibilities-
1) Your skidzophranic... No offence, you could be. But then I would be that too!

2) These things you are talking to, may not always be good. You may have invited some bad entite into your life. I used to feel many things around me, then suddenly, I got jumpy and afraid. I cry and get so scared. In my mind Id see demons trying to eat me, it was freaky. I prayed to God, and learned to protect myself. What I did is clensed my aura and built a barrier by infusing all the possible happy thoughts I had into my rooms walls. Saying a small thing that basically asks to keep only happiness, good will and love in the room.
Then, I meditated, and cleaned my aura, building one more barrier in the process. When I meditate, I think only of my breathing, God and the Sky. I think I am floating in the universe, and every breath I take in is of possitive energy and every breath out is negetive energy that gets clensed by all the possitive-ness you've surrounded yourself with. (thats why infuse possitive energy into the rooms walls by thinking Happy Thoughts!😊)
As you take in more possitive energy, feel it srpeading inside you like a tree, think only of good things. The tree grows, its roots stay firmly in the ground, and its brances reaching the atmosphere. It takes in all the possitives from the atmosphere, and all the negitive energy seeps down threw the roots deep in the earth. Imagin the tree enraps your body in its arms, and allow the possitive energy to do the same. Then recite something small like "God keeps me safe, no one can harm me." Or whatever encourages you, a word of protection to say the leaste. I noticed that constanly thinking of God and keeping up a fearless act also keeps them at bay, so trick your heart into encouragement! Keep thinking how God protects all, so if you believe I him, no ne will harm you! Thats my thought of encouragment.
All barriers differ from person to person. You may find another tecnique easier or more potent. This is mine, I'm shareing with you. Its not absolute. Find one that suites you, change this arround. But most of all, clean your own aura ad build barriers that keep out bad things. Keep encouragment. If it is a negative entity, it will feed of fear.
I hope this helps you out.
KamiMexvight (3 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-18)
Thank you for helping me 😊 I actually really needed someone to say that maybe I do have a chance at not being schizophrenic 😁
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-05-18)
You're going to get different responses based on who you share this with. A clinical psychologist is going to label you a schizophrenic because it has all the classic symptoms (social dysfunction, emotional detachment, auditory hallucinations, etc.) So yes, you may be a schizophrenic but you're not insane because insane people don't ask that question.

But let's say for argument sake that these entities do exist around you and you feel nice and at home with them. Well, we all have to start somewhere on the wheel of spiritual evolution and who knows, this may be your first life as a human. It would explain the lack of emotional and spiritual development. And it would be uncomfortable to any newly birthed form to be in the physical shell. No surprise there. But no matter where any of us are at in the wheel of growth, your higher self is still connected to all of our higher selves and 'It' is brilliant at delivering the lessons we need to evolve. Your choice will be to cling to what you're more unconsciously familiar with, even attempt to sink down further to be near it (the lower astral), or to seek upward growth and press for uncomfortable spiritual growing pains. The easy path or the hard path? It's what defines us.

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