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Seeing Is Believing?


People say that seeing is believing, but what about visions? Do they count too? Because they usually come true or are about to come true. And sometimes they show me the history about something, for example once I held a book, a dictionary to be exact, and I saw my mother as a teenager flipping through it to look for a word. I knew I wasn't seeing things when my mother actually told me once a while later to take good care of the dictionary because she had brought it over from Taiwan (it's a Chinese dictionary) and had used it through some of her childhood. Does this mean anything? Or am I just imagining things? But also, if I concentrate closely on something, I can usually see the future/outcome of that particular object or person.

So is seeing believing in my situation? Then there is also the case of my dreams. I can see somewhat significant cases in the future if I exert much energy worrying about it the day before. Once, I was worrying about my friend because she hadn't been to school and she never answered my calls, emails, or text messages during that period of time. But when I hit my "climax" of worrying, I finally had gotten a dream (or more of a nightmare) of a person who was a close friend of hers and he had committed suicide. Then when she had got back, she told us she was mourning for a close family friend that had suicide, and then a few days later they held a funeral at our high school. So is this just a coincidence? Because this was only one of many times I had gotten these "dreams" that sooner or later became true.

Again (like in my last story) I wish someone will help me out with what is going on. Thank you.

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luna-star (3 posts)
10 years ago (2011-05-29)
Sometimes when I tuch things I too get images of who owns that item, but I have to really work at it. Seeing is not believeing what so ever. You have a gift. You are just the one that has to reason weather or not the visions you're getting feel real to you. If they are (no maybe's) then they probably are. What my mom told me once is that everyone is connected to a system to each other, what she likes to call "the web". Some can feel when strands are pulled and see what's happening to other people, or what's going to happen while others can't (or refuse to think the web is there in the first place). I hope this helps. 😊
Lili (111 posts)
10 years ago (2011-05-21)
Seeing isn't believing. That's one thing you have to remember.

Now about your story. You are psychic, you can see the future. The thing with the dictionary can also show you see the past too. Don't mess past with future, if you do, it won't really be good. I know it's hard sometimes to recognize but still, you can try. Since there are lots of thing that are easily recognized. Like your mother as a child is sure past.

Be careful with your visions, it can bring both good and bad. Why? You see, sometimes when you mess with things you aren't supposed to mess with, other things happen...

If you got any other question, you can email me, my email is on my profile. 😊

kensche (5 posts)
10 years ago (2011-05-20)
hell-ow! "seeing is believing" is such a lie... Well many human sees "many-things" & by many I mean MANY but they shut it off like nothing; many never sees anything but their obsession leads them to see false... Well anyway, it seem like fore-sight/premonition or whatever y-a want to call it... But IT is up to you to believe what you see. If you find evidence (third times the charm!) then believe; but if not then concentrate hard no what you thing you saw & thing logical of it... As I say even magic has logic if you can thing out of the small box that surrounds you 😉 anyway, smell y-a later...

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