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The Bending Mind


As it is, I have since the age of 5 had "issues" as my parents put it. I find myself now at the age or 38 (in a few weeks), looking for more answers. My wife is a psychic working for the Find Me corporation. They help people find lost loved ones and solve the apparently unsolvable. I however only have one good gift and a few small ones. My daughter has e.s.p. Like you wouldn't believe. I, however am one of the ilk of shows such as "Lie To Me". I can and always will see lies. Usually I see it in vibes of sound, sometimes colors, but I and my wife are dj's, so it is quite easy for me to grasp my "reality" through sound waves and vibes. I can usually smell lies as well. Per the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", my friends and family say I can smell a lie like a fart in a car. For the most part I can also use my energy to distort physical energy and behavior to heal. My initial start was in the fifth grade when my best friend died and I tried occultic rituals. I was told by my Indian guide that my rat guide would slink me through to truth. I have a tattoo of him now. I firmly believe in the compendium of truth that can only be found in accepting the metaphysical. Thanks for reading. Be one.

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