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So,recently I have discovered the possibility that I am empathic as well as the fact that I've seen auras and read people since the third grade. I've been feeling emotionally linked to people severely in about 3 instances in the past two weeks. One was a mix of emotions I received from a period when my parents had an argument. And the other was when this eating disorder lady came to talk to us about her eating disorder, and I felt her inner sadness and struggle. Also since the discovery of these gifts I had been depressed at home, yet only at home. It was strange and I didn't know why. When I told my mom this weekend about my gifts including seeing auras, being able to read people, and empathy, I found out that she has depression. IT runs in our family. So I either was picking up on her or it was me. Since she told me the depression died down I am back to normal. Is this proof I have abilities? What do you think?

Also I need help finding good exercises to develop my auric sight and empathic skills. I want to use my gift to help others. I also am curious about any form of meditation you find helpful too. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me in that field. Thank you all, and please comment! I need help from people with experience, I don't want to lose this precious gift!

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-04)
There is an exercise which you move your eys left then right up and down. The aim is to relax the eye and allow subtle shafts of light to appear. Aura reading just practice looking at plants, animals. Re people there is a primitive survial instict in mankind that is aware when uninvited visits stare at them, so you need to have their permission.

In addition you will have to study for interpretation of the colors. Invest time in a few books have 2 books for aura reading. Michael Smith and Judth Collins. If you have 2 books one for taking notes the other for monitoring your progress.

Exercise are varied from crystals, to various visualization,mantras. Best to determine what type of person you are? Are you visual, can you take instruction orally.
Once you determine how you take in info. Look for the exercises. Re aura's it has been said that looking slightly off will bring in more shafts of light.

Empathy can increase with just noting what we are sensing and feeling. If unsure if this is you? Just send a thought out to the Universe saying, if its not mine leave me. If its not you it will leave you. The balance comes from understanding ourself and implimenting proper healthy boarders such as saying no to helping or rescuing someone else. Most importantly learn to shut it off.


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