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Our Grandmother's Gift


My Grandmother has passed on 4 years now but when she was alive she would have experiences with the dead and have visions of the future. Grandmother always told us we had Indian blood in us and she always claimed to be half blood but after doing research we found out she was 1/4 and also found out that our 3rd Great Grandfather was a medicine man. I needed to share this with you so you would understand why my siblings and myself have this gift and our younger brother has it the strongest of all.

My older brother has the gift of knowing what someone has on there mind and ghost seem to always be around him. He was in the bedroom a 3 years ago at his house sitting on the bed and a mist appeared in front of him, when he stood up it disappeared. He had Sean a little girl running in his house before. My brother has since moved from this place and we live in the same town, he did mot move because of the ghost. There are ghost there trying to communicate with him, He can't see them or hear them but they have shut and locked his closet door somehow, Closed his bedroom door and make noises in the kitchen.

He also has visions of what is going to happen or when his daughter is in trouble. He saw our mothers boyfriend in a car accident and the drivers head was cut off and our mothers boyfriend died, it turned out he was in a accident the drivers head did get cut off and the boyfriend did die for 35 seconds.

As for myself I know when there are ghost around. I almost never see or hear them except for when I heard my grandmother call my uncle name after she had passed and have Sean my uncle in the house they both shared with my grandfather for 40 years. My uncle passed away 1 year ago and I worked a lot of times alone in the house trying to restore it. I hear my uncle talking in his old bedroom and he has opened cabinets when I would be there. I have visions mot always the way I see them but close enough. 3 Days ago I had a vision of my brother telling me he was going to Jacksonville I couldn't see my face but I could see him, I thought he said he was getting a job there.

I called my brother and he told me his daughter was having some trouble with her husband and he was waiting on her to call him back so he could leave and pick her up.

My younger brother can see and talk to ghost or as he likes to say it dead people he says he has been able to since he was a child.

He has always been a little different and at first I thought it was schizophrenia but now I believe him. I didn't listen at first to what he was really saying but now I know he talks to them.

He said 2 nights after our grandfather died he had been sleeping on the couch in the living room and woke up and saw our grandfather walk towards him and smile and then walk towards his bedroom this was amazing because our grandfather only had one leg in life. He sees a woman wear he lives now. My younger brother is the one we worry about because they come to him so much now the only way he can get relief is to sleep.

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