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I Met A Man Named Red From 1870


At times I have little psychic experiences like knowing a person's name before I know them, or knowing what a person is thinking etc. Once as the First Responder that I am, I took hold of a 24 year old male, handicapped individual. His father was there and was the picture of niceness to his mentally challenged son. I saw him hitting the boy in my mind's eye.

I can also feel a persons thoughts just by being close to them. Well there is lots of stuff I can do, but there is much I do not know about it. I hid it from everyone, including myself... Until the day of the handicapped young man. Then one of my friends Nate witnessed this. They saw me let go of the boys hand "like I got burned" and look at the father with a "mean look". He said what the hell just happened back there. I said, your going to think I'm crazy but... So now we practice my talent and it seems to be getting stronger, but there is so much more I need to learn.

Thursday I went to sleep. Someone tapped me on the leg and said my name and said, "Wake up, Larinna". I did and saw a spirit. It was a female entity and she handed me a box. I saw only her arms and hands but knew she was a woman somehow.

Usually in a dream, I know I am there and the water is probably cool and wet, but I don't normally FEEL the cool wetness of it. Except for last Thursday. I went to bed and was awakened in the very early morning by this person saying my name. I woke up and a nameless, faceless set of hands and arms were handing me a box. I knew it was a female entity. I don't know how, I just did. I opened the lid and inside was a bunch of cards and scraps of paper. I pulled the top one and found they were all connected by yarn. White yarn pushed through the left hand corners of the papers. I could flip pages like a book, but could also pull the top and it was like an accordion, look-wise. I started paging through the pages. About a quarter of the way through, I saw one written in a woman's handwriting. June 16, 1870. Little Mikey Pretcher was not in school today, he injured his arm. I felt bad for the child who had a hurt arm. More pages, Little Mikey got an "A". Little Mikey Pretcher scored in the ball game.

Later I came to a card. It had a 4 line poem in the center. Signed on the bottom left, diagonal from bottom to side was the words, "I love you. Red."

I looked up to see I was in a field and there was a man, sitting on a knoll near a creek looking sad. It was May or June, when the trees are at their freshest and greenest. He had his thumb and forefinger on his chin. He had a beard and reddish longer hair with a slight curl to it. I said Red? And he came over to me. He said, "I loved her. I threw this (card) into the water the day I lost her. 10 years ago. Today it came back to me. I loved her. You need to remember I loved her." I remember thinking, "10 years? Wouldn't the card have rotted by now?" but I took him at his words. I said Red, I don't understand? I don't know what you want? He walked up to me.

He was gentle and polite. He took my hand in his. He shook my hand and put his other hand on top of both of our clasped hands. He looked straight into my eyes with his. They were clear blue/grey eyes. Intelligent eyes. They struck me somehow, that this was important. He said, " I'm Red. Red Pretcher. You need to remember. I loved her" Then he was gone. I put the cards back in the box, and closed the lid. The nameless hands/arms took the box away. It/ she nodded at me in acknowledgment, It was a very peaceful. Well whatever it was, I don't know how I knew it nodded. I just did know. Then it was gone and I was laying there awake in bed.

I felt totally calm and was just thinking WTF was that? I've asked my poor friends at work, and we are all stumped. Guys what the heck was that? Do any of you have any remote idea what the heck that was all about? I know he was sending me a message. But I can't figure out what, really beyond the fact he loved a woman he had lost.

I do have psychic visions, I do think I am an empath, but I never call my "talent" anything but just a talent. I don't know what to do with this. I really wish I wasn't teased by my family for being a wierdo when I was a kid, perhaps I would know what to do with my talent. Can you guys help?

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graik001 (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-28)
it has been a year since you posted, but I found your story interesting. I am also from wisconsin, and used the libraries resources to search a database of our area. I found this if you were interested in finding Red-

Surname: Pretcher
Given name: Mike
Age: 41
Sex: M
Race: W
Birthplace: Germany
State: IL
County: Cook
Location: 29-WD CHICAGO
Year: 1910

He was in Cook County in Illinois for the census in 1910. However, if this is the same man he would have only been one year old in 1870 when the letter said he missed school... So I am not sure if this is the same Mikey... I thought I would share anyway.

Out on a limb: the writing on the census could have said 47 years old instead of 41 and it was just misread on the database (I saw the document and the writing was pretty sloppy).

Out on another limb: could you have seen another date a little later than June 16, 1870?

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