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I was always a little bit different, even as a child. It's hard to describe my energy, but I've always found that some people can appreciate me and some don't, but rarely is anyone every neutral on the subject. To meet me, you will find a happy and outgoing person, with an intense personal energy. That energy, which has served me well in my life creatively, is also a burden.

Some of us out there are more aware of psychic energy that surrounds everyone, including ourselves. This has been the story of my life. It's not simply knowing what someone's emotions are because we're good at reading micro-expressions or are just empathetic souls, it's much deeper than that.

I recently moved from a neighborhood that was filled with lovely middle-class homes. The sidewalks were perfect for walking. When I moved in the neighborhood I would walk several times a week. There was always one spot in which I would start to feel an imbalance, and almost as if the sidewalks were moving. It happened every time. There was nothing obviously wrong with the sidewalk, but I tried walking on the other side of the street to no avail. A month later, I found out the children of a very publicized murder-suicide lived in a house in that spot, with their surviving relatives. I had no way of knowing that when the energy imbalance happened during my walks. I began having a stern conversation in my mind with that murderous parent every time I got near the house, telling him to leave the children alone and to move on and out. After a few walks, the sensation eased and I was able to walk through that area again, undisturbed.

After visiting a respected psychic once who was recommended by several colleagues, she sat quietly and just looked at me. I suddenly felt that exact feeling... As though my equilibrium had been disrupted. She said, "you might want to get up and get a drink, I've just adjusted your energy." There were no tricks, the chair was not moving, it was purely energy. I have come to understand that this type of psychic energy does exist, and has been a force in my life for many years.

Last night a close friend/family member came over. She had been having a tough week and just wanted to be around me. The entire time she was there, I felt as if I had vertigo. I couldn't get warm, then suddenly cold. I couldn't get comfortable, I felt as if the furniture was moving. The lights felt "off." We moved to several different parts of the house during our conversations, and had dinner, but this feeling continued. The feeling subsided when she was standing near the front door and her inner mood had somehow brightened, as I noticed even her face looked brighter and her voice got stronger. Once she left, the feeling was gone entirely.

Time after time, this has happened in my life. After 9/11, and then after the anniversary of it, my energy was off for a long time. I can also drive by people and "feel" who they are. There are some people that pass by me on a sidewalk and I physically shudder. My family and friends tell me that I am the only person that "understands" them, and always knows when something is wrong.

The most glaring example of my energy sense or intuition is dramatic. When I was younger, my friends and I used to go out to dance at a nice little local club. It was a safe place for 19 year olds who just loved to dance. A guy a bit older than us, who was a regular there, became acquainted with us. He seemed nice enough, but something felt off. You get to know people that are there week after week, and often they become your friend. He was asking repeatedly if I or another of the girls would like to have him take our photos sometime. He even showed us some portraits he'd done. We knew his name, he became familiar to us, and yet there was something that didn't feel right, so I warned the other girls not to go anywhere with him. He eventually gave up. I just learned, through CNN, that this man is on trial for being a serial killer. At the time he was trying to recruit us to go with him, he was actively luring and murdering other women under the same ruse, also in local clubs. When you're 18 or 19, it's easy to be lured into those situations because you believe that this person is known to you, but there was something that didn't feel right.

Though I know that others have written here about the difficulty of being "one that knows" (as it was so beautifully put by another writer here,) I've learned to embrace this gift even if it makes me feel different sometimes. It's exhausting sometimes knowing what is in the minds and hearts of those around us, but It's saved my life more than a few times, and has improved the lives of those around me immeasurably.

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Hunnylove91 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-03)
I am having the same issue right now. I didn't know what excatly yo call it. Thank you so much. You have helped me more than you know
HaVeN (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-09)
Same here starlight22. I told my mom and she believes me. THen I told my dad and Stepmom and they call me a witch jokingly and tease me. Dont tell your mom. Keep it yours and your dads secret.
Starlight22 (11 stories) (166 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-07)
i have this ability to sense energy of people animals and spirits. I just recently told my dad he's my only famly member who believes in spirits, phycics, etc including my older brother he believes in this stuff too. My parents are devorced. It so hard keeping my ability secret because I live with my mom so I can't tell her anything she won't believe any of that phycic stuff.
strixie (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-05)
ermacd- Thank you! You know, I've also noticed that this ability has helped in my career. I've been told I should consider a career in counseling, but have resisted because of the toll it would take being that involved in the lives of others. I've found more peace in writing about subjects that can help others, rather than being directly involved. It can definitely serve you well, and now that you've identified it and embraced it, it will make a huge difference for you. Good luck on your journey! 😁
ermacd (2 stories) (19 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-05)
I really like your last paragraph. I'm trying to embrace it right now. I'm an Empath as well and I'm trying to figure out my strengths and weaknesses. Also, how to use my gift more often and more positively for the benefits of myself and for others.

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