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The Crash In My Dream


One night about 2 years ago I was sleeping, dreaming about something not sure what but I remember well that my dream was interrupted and suddenly the dream change, I was looking at my house from above like a helicopter vision kind of thing, I saw a black car coming in the back alley very very fast, I saw the car losing control and crashing into the next door garage. The crash in my dream woke me up with a jump, it was very loud.

When I woke up I saw my husband awake looking confused, I asked him what was wrong and he said "I heard a big crash"... I at first didn't know what was going on then we heard commotion outside, my husband jump off the bed and said "something happened", then I told him with certain confidence "yes, a car crash into the house next door". He looked at me like I was crazy, he said maybe there was a crash in the street, we stay inside just waiting to hear something else. Few minutes later we heard a few sirens.

He then went out and me right behind him, he was heading to the front yard gate and I told him "he crash in the back, he crash into the garage next door", he stop and looked at me like he was scared! He went to the back yard gate and when he peeked over the fence he looked, then looked at me at me and said, how did you know?

Exactly what I saw in my dream is what happened.

This experience represent a lot to me because it sort of let my husband see first hand the kind of accuracy my dreams can have. I felt vindicated after this.

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Athena_and_Kej (23 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-09)
What is the difference between a dream and an Out of Body Experience called OBEing... You OBEed and saw the entire acident and returned to your body... Athena

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