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Car Crash


It was just before one of my best friend Paula's birthdays around the 4th of June last year. We were all going to see The Omen, since it came out the same day as Paula's birthday. I was sitting in algebra one day and my friend Christina was poking me in the back. It was at that moment that a random scene popped into my head. Paula was sitting in the passenger's seat of her car with her mother driving. Christina, who was wearing a pink fuzzy hat, was sitting in back. They were at an intersection and were going forward on the green light when a black car came barreling through and hit them. Their car flipped over and everyone survived but Christina. I thought that was weird, but didn't really think it was a big deal, just a random scene in my head. Besides, Christina never rode with Paula anywhere.

A couple days later I had forgotten what I'd seen until Christina in her pink hat walk into homeroom and I suddenly thought of it. Just to reassure myself, I approached her and asked her who she was riding with to the movies. When she said Paula, I freaked out and told her not to ride with Paula, but she said that there's no way it would become real.

It was later that day, when I arrived at the movie theater, to see a bunch of people standing outside the door. I got out of the car and was relieved to see Christina among them. But it wasn't quite like that. Christina had ridden with Paula, but at the last minute, Paula's sister had to come along for the ride. They figured that screwed things up because just after they had crossed an intersection, a black car cut in front of them, it's license plate reading "BYE BYE". They didn't know if the car had, in fact, went through the intersection or not, but they were pretty freaked and glad that Paula's sister delayed their departure just long enough.

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miiish (1 stories) (14 posts)
17 years ago (2007-02-27)
Hi Jenna,

Yes, Paulas' sister driving with them that day would have interfered with the "plan" so to speak. Its a good thing though.... they survived. I believe whatever has to happen, will, with a predetermined circle of people being complete. For example if A B and C go for a swim and if the "chart" has it that they have to drown.. even if one of them backs out or someone joins them... the blueprint changes .... so I suppose thats what happened !
Cheers !

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