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My Mother's Premonitions


When my mom was little, she used to have strange feelings. Like one day when she was five. My mom was outside playing in her yard. Her father was a little late coming home. Suddenly, she saw and ambulance whizz by and she thought, "that's my daddy in there." It turns out that her father had crushed his foot and fallen in a hole. He was finally found by a fellow worker and rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, where he recovered.

Another time was when my mom was about twelve, she watched the neighbor and her dog play in the yard. The sudden thought popped in her head, "what if her dog was hit by a car and she was at the swimming pool? Who would have to go and tell her?" A couple of days later, she heard a screeching noise and ran outside to find her neighbor's dog had been hit by a car. The neighbor's father tried to revive it, but it was already dead. "Where is she?" My mother asked and he told her that she was at the swimming pool.

One last time was when she was sweeping the porch and she suddenly thought of her Uncle Armin. "I wonder if he died if he would leave any money to us?" She thought, thinking of the hand-me-down's he had given them. Just then, the phone rang. Her sister started over to it to pick it up and my mom said jokingly that it would be the relatives calling to say that their Uncle Armin had died. After her sister hung up, she started interrogating her about how she knew that their uncle had died in a car crash just hours before.

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Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-21)
That's just knowing the future really. I go through it all the time. That's my life knowing and dreaming and saying things before they happen.
Pamela (guest)
17 years ago (2007-07-14)
When I was little I never felt that I belonged to the family that was mine, and the foods I loved were not of the origin where I was born. The type of men that gave me a happy feeling were oriental. I married two orientals it turned out. My mother told me that I didn't seem like her daugther because I loved rice so much, and didn't want to eat the foods she made. They seemed foreign to me. I feel that I was Chinese in a past life, and that life made me want it again.
Also, when I was little we had a map of the world in our hallway, and it had all the continents and types of people on it. When I saw the Africans it stirred something in me. That night I dreamed that I was in Africa, and I was a woman, and I was tied up and raped until I was dead. I don't know how, and why, because a 5 year old does not dream of such things. I saw it all in the dream.
When I was 13 I started knowing when someone I knew would die. Sometimes I didn't know who it was, but knew it was someone I knew. Sometimes I would mention a name, and then I would say "That person is dying now, or dead. I felt a heavy vail come down over my head, and I knew that someone was dying, or dead.
I also told my mother at the instant that someone knocked on our door that my Aunt Lola is dead. My mother looked at me strange, and opened the door, and the police officer asked my mother if she knew a Lola B----s.
I asked my mother if she would take my father back, and then before she answered I told her, it's too late, he's dead. Then we got a phone call telling us that right away.
I was washing dishes and asked my husband if he wanted to go visit his mother, and then I dropped a plate, and said, She's Dead!. Then he called the Philippines and found that she had just died.
My husband had a friend that didn't care for me much, because I was white, and she was filipino, and while sitting on the couch one evening I said, OH NO, someone is dead, and it's your friend. Sure enough the phone rang, and it was true. I have had so many things happen to me in this way. It's not like I am psychic to the point that I know the future, but I know what's happening with the hear and now, no matter how many miles away I am.
I believe that we are all connected with each others souls, and we feel the vibrations of the universe, with no past or future, but all in one.
Like everything has no time or seperation. Just an event that connects us all.
Tonya (guest)
17 years ago (2007-05-29)
My Mother is like this, she got it from her parents. And I inherited it as well. Mom knows when someone in the family is going to die because she has these dreams of caskets and cemteries, plus she has crying spells that also warn of death.

I am this way too. But when I dream of death, it is usually someone going under muddy water. Plus, I get crying spells. I can usually pinpoint if it is global, national or personal, too.

All I can say, is like me, if your Mother starts dreaming or says be careful, just try to be careful and watch for signs.
leigh (guest)
17 years ago (2007-05-23)
I need help. My mother has these "feelings" and dreams. An examploe, she saw her father when she was young dressed in a black suit in his coffin. Two weeks later he died of a heart attack. My fear is she has come to me twice stating my middle daughter needs to be watched carefully. She cannot tell me, if its an accident or fatality. I am very concerned. She has had other "feelings" beofre that have been correct either in real time or up to a year later? I don't want to be crippled by the thought of any accidents but I don't know what to do? Can anyone help me?
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
17 years ago (2007-02-27)
That is the thing thats hard for me with some of these things..whether to tell others or no. Some of my expierences..or feelings I have kept and not told..some with good reason, but I find it at times hard to not always change, without speaking. That is the key with some of these things to decide whether to make it public or not.

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