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People Reading, Manipulation... What Is This?


Hey everyone. I don't really know what to call this or if it falls into the realm of the psychic, but I don't know what it is, and I have never met anyone who has this to the extent I do. So hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction, or even better relate!

I'm a 20-year-old young woman, and I don't know exactly when this started happening, but I can recall the first distinct instances when I was maybe 9 or 10.

I feel weird talking about this. It makes me feel really arrogant. But I need to figure this out.

I can "read" people. Highly accurately, within a few minutes of meeting them. I know their hopes and fears, if they have experienced trauma or abuse and roughly what kind, I know if they are lying or hiding things from me, and I know, from the moment I first lay eyes on them, if they are basically good or bad. I can predict what people will say. I know what their home life was like. I know what their weakest point is. I can also do this with people I meet online, to an extent, without ever seeing or speaking to them.

I have very occasionally seen auras (more on this in a bit), but usually, I can more sense them.

I used to tell people what I saw in them. But I discovered that it frightened people, because I was so accurate. I would scare people off because I saw so much of them, before they'd had a chance to see any of me.

I learned not to tell people, because it frightened them. But I loved "reading" people because as a writer, the more of the human experience I understand the relate to the better I write.

My writing often makes people cry, and I wonder if it is related to this.

When I got older, I started accidentally manipulating people. I don't think I'm any more manipulative than the average decent person - I certainly never try to be. But people tend to just do whatever I want, even if I don't ask for it outright. Even if I've only thought it.

This has caused problems for me. The first is that I feel guilty - I often don't realize I'm doing it. I think I have average degrees of selfishness. I can have selfish thoughts, but I know they're selfish and I don't try to push them on people. But I feel like I have to be extra careful, because if I give even a slight amount of leeway to my selfish thoughts, I can manipulate people without even knowing.

The second is in relationships. I often don't know if the people I date actually love me, or if they've become entranced by me. I had an ex, not long after we broke up, say that I could "make anyone fall in love with me." Since then I always feel unsure in relationships. I don't want to make someone love me - I want them to love me on my own merit.

I tend to be the person people come to with their problems. I have... A feeling, or a personality maybe, that I can project when someone is hurting. People often tell me that they feel like I am the first person to "completely understand them."

I used to get very burdened by this, to the point where I would snap and hermit away because of all the pressure. I was diagnosed as having an emotional disorder around this time.

Since then I feel I've grown, and I can handle it much better. I don't take on as much of people's emotions, and my social circle is smaller. I feel like that is much more comfortable to me, and I've become much more stable and happy. Now I wonder if I was ever really "sick," or if it was related to this.

And the last thing, which I'll try to be as PG about as possible, is sex. Once I started having sex, I realized that when I touch someone's bare skin (even if it's not overtly sexual), I can see even more of them. This is when I tend to see auras. I love to touch people's skin, because they instantly open up to me.

This is how I found the person I'm currently... Shall we say, very much smitten with. He likes me, and he's a wonderful guy. His aura is bright white. And I can't manipulate him. I can see his soul as clearly as anyone else's, but I can't manipulate him. Which, I think, means he must like me for me, not because I've somehow molded his mind. That is such a wonderful feeling to me, because it's so rare.

What would make someone immune to this... Something, that I have? Does anyone know?

I guess that's enough of my rambling. As you can see I'm pretty confused about it, and I don't even know if this all ties together!

Can anyone help me?

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PossessionWithIntent (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-17)
Thanks everyone! Nice to hear from others with similar experiences.

Does anyone know what this is called, or how to train it to be controlled?

BabyEyes - I think different people experience the concept of "true love" differently. I think maybe people like us can perceive love on a different level that not everyone has access to. I've tried to describe what makes me so drawn to someone who is immune to manipulation, and can talk with me on my esoteric level, and actually understand me. But I've had limited success trying to explain it to people.

If someone doesn't possess the ability of manipulate or perceive people on an intrinsic level that I do, how would they have any way of understanding?

I don't think this makes them any less capable of love, but it does make the way they love "different" from me.

Aquaxamatista - It's harder online, and I have to talk to them for a few minutes. Not about anything in particular, it can just be shooting the breeze. But I drop into a sort of mindset, and speech, and how people react to it opens them up to me, if that makes sense. It feels like "unlocking" a type of deeper mind. Talking directly to the subconscious.

I don't know if I can do it on command yet or not. I'm feeling a bit of stage fright.:3
Aquaxamatista (1 stories) (62 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-16)
Wow! This is amazing! Truly an amazing ability and gift! It can always come handy and well I think you have a little bit of everything! You could have precognition, slightly and empath and well more! And wow I'm jealous of you! Haha anyway if you know you can manipulate people that good because you can "persue" people to do go in this world and you can make a huge difference! Haha I'm getting to ahead of myself... Anyway people also say I'm good at manipulating them but I sometimes do it by accident but I bet I don't have an ability to manipulate people, I just learned how to do it. You said you can read people through online? Well can you read me? But can you email it to me? By the way I'm curious can you read peoples past and present or past, present and future? And who knows maybe you can practice developing that ability! Haha anyway my email is Amatistaf [at]
~Aqua (a.k.a Diana) 😁 ❤
BabyEyes1 (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-16)
I have been trying to balance on the idea of it is "TRUE LOVE" or just a very strong connection with someone who just seems to get you deep inside without every having to explain yourself.
I know with myself and my experience, it just allowed me to feel something with another person that goes beyond words or explination.
There was no reason or way to explain on the levels we connected. There were many days we would both go mad trying to figure it out until one day I just said "I give up" I am tired of trying to figure it out.
So we left it at that and remained friends until the last weeks of work.
Personaly I believe that some of us have lievd lives before and we have ways of finding and searching for the ones we have lost.
Not that everyone agrees with that its just how I feel.
I do believe that people of all nature have strong feelings for the ones they love. I don't believe that a connection like the ones we have talked about are felt by everyone.
I just know that with what I have gone through. I Have a b/f and love him so much. But have this man I became great friends with and were never allowed to test more, due to the fact of the relationships we were in. So it leaves you curious.
Also touching on that base... Is a year before I even went to the job. I read my cards (I was just learning tarot at the time, and still aren't perfect at it) Me and my b/f would sit and read them together. We always asked about our relationship. For a whole year no matter what question we asked or how we worded it. The cards would always read.
Basically saying that there would be a man of some sort of "power" come into my life, he would be a charmer, and I would have a choice to face. Sacrifice to be made, and I would find myself going against my destiny by manipulation by circumstance. It would be a regrettable one night stand. And a loss for one or the other.
Now that pretty much told me a year in advance that this situation would occur. Now if I only had the strength to read and comprehend what was bieng shown things might have been different. It got so repeditive to answering the same way I stopped reading my cards because it was hurting my b/f to see that this may happen.
Hide sight is always 20/20, but when your foresight is not so bad but not totally clear it does make it hard for me to follow my instincts when my mind wants to lead me down other paths.
I still struggle with this everyday and wonder if I EVER will get the hang of just trusting myself.

StrangethingsHappen (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-16)
Is that true love then? And if it is true love, is everyone capable of experiencing the things we've experienced? Or are there only some of us?
BabyEyes1 (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-16)
I have to say reading these last two posts have really helped me. I don't want to sound desperate. But a part of me wanted to hear a story and a situation just like how I feel. And what you both have described is a lot of what I have gone through in my life.
I am now 28 years old and could spend all day sharing the stories and situations I have been in. I won't take up anyones time with all of them.
But I especially wanted to touch on the "aura" Idea behind the person your with.
I am not in a relationship and have been with this man for 4 years now. This past summer I got a job, one that I wasn't looking for and it feel just right. Before I started my mother warned me that there would be this guy who liked me.
Knowing I am in a relationship I said that's ok I will "BLOCK" I am good at that. Or so I thought. Well work came on, and I was happy. I loved the work and the enviroment. Everyone in the place was drawn to me in one way or another. I became very popular and it became rather hard to keep up with everyones needs.
Then I became friends with the guy my mother warned me about. While trying to block him and his soon to be attraction. I found myself listening to what he had to say. IT was about 2 weeks into it and we were inseperable "as friends" it made a lot of people angry and confused a lot of people at the same time.
IT was a match mate in heaven. He and I were so much alike, I knew from across the room when he was calling my name "without speaking" I could tell what he was doing when he was late. I just KNEW him and he just KNEW me. Almost like our souls had been toether before.
And when I looked at him I could see this white light around him, that no one else seemed to be able to see. He also claimed the same for me. We were on such a same level we would finish each others convo. We could manipulate circumstances so we could work togther.
We had way to much in common. No matter what kind of mood the rest of the crew put me in. Bieng around him I was instantly better. It was like he "KNEW" the part of me no one else had seen.
I shared with him my stories and about how I am different. He had some of the same things so we grew on that.
As time went on. Like became love and I foudn that I loved that man. For no other reason at all besides he just got who I was. And when you feel something so powerful as that. I don't think that anyone else can touch it.
The job came to an end. And we had to go our seperate ways due to some un healthy choices we both made. Although I am in a relationship now and Love my b/f to death. I still accept the fact that no one has reached into my soul as deep as that man has. Now moving on with my life I can feel a part of me is missing. And I now have to learn to live without that part of me he made complete.
Its not easy to do, and it hurts the heart. I just now wish that he is happy in his life. But the idea behind soul mates to me has changed completly. I don't think you have to marry the person who gets you inside and out. But my advice is if you find it. HOLD ON TO IT. Because when your on the other side and its gone. There is no getting that piece they took with them.
So thank you for sharing, its nice to know there are other people who share a lot of what I go through.
It is a hard fact to face when you come to realize the people who "love you" might just be loving you because you have the abiltity to pull them toward you. Myself I seem to have that happen. And have my whole life. I have become use to it and aware of it. And stop people who are wanting to LOVE ME and not IN LOVE with me from getting to close when I realize its happening.
But as far as my "angel" I like to call him. Is he was in my life for a time and reason. And now will be in my heart for ever.

StrangethingsHappen (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-16)
I've experienced much of what you describe. I know what you mean about sounding arrogant, so I'm sure you'll excuse me if I sound that way.

I've manipulated people into falling in love with me, completely by accident. It wasn't until my last few relationships that I recognized this odd pattern. When the truth of the relationship surfaces, I always feel lied to, because they wanted to love me (it seemed, for their own selfish reasons - which were probably a reflection of my own desires) but they just couldn't. It was as though loving me was too difficult, but they felt very strongly obligated. They offered me diamonds and houses and elaborate vacations. I'm not much older than you, and when I was 20 I started to feel all of this surface and become stronger.

It first started when I was young, I always knew what people were going to say, and it bored me and frustrated me. I was an only child and content to be by myself.

I moved a lot and was very close to my mother.
When I came to high school I dated a couple guys, but one stuck out (I'm actually dating him again now, and it's similar to what you're going through with white aura guy). He and I started meditating together in high school and grew a very powerful bond that I barely understand. When we meditated apart from each other, we both knew when the other was meditating. Also, at some point, (and this is where it gets weird) we would both orgasm. Then we would frantically try to call each other and block up the phone line because we were calling at the exact same time.

We spent a few years apart, but have always kept in close contact. Recently we've started dating again and it's wonderful because I don't have to try, he loves me for me. Now we've been having the same dreams. This one is new to me, but it makes me think that he's just as strong at whatever this is than I am. This also makes me feel safe, knowing I'm not accidentally changing or manipulating a situation, it's simply happening on its own.

I got on this website because I'd been joking lately about being psychic, but more and more shiat just keeps happening that really make me wonder. Like earlier: I picked up my phone to text my boyfriend a joke, and saw that the last text I sent him was 11:47 pm. I thought to myself, "here I am, 12 hours later." THEN I checked the time, out of sheer curiosity to see how close I was, and it was 11:47 am. This kind of thing happens constantly, and I have no way to define it. I feel like if I could define it, I could understand how to use it better. I've seen how it can go wrong, and I don't like it when it does. I know there is a balance of good and bad in the universe, but if I'm manipulating outcomes already, I'd like to be able to sway them towards good, if it's possible.

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