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Help With Pestering, Possibly Negative Spirit


I have had a spirit that has been attached to me for years now. He was actually the first spirit I was ever able to communicate with telepathically. I feel that in a lot of ways he is getting in the way of me developing myself further as a medium. Whenever I try to talk to other spirits he intentionally gets in the way. He can be taunting, and even threatening if I give him too much attention. I feel that he does not have any actual power to harm me unless I somehow grant it to him. He says very negative things sometimes. He has no power to do anything within the physical world (as seems to be the case with all spirits I'm able to talk to... Can anyone explain this?) The only thing is I can see him/them as flashes of light. He goes by several names, often switching them. This bothers me a bit because of the symbolical relevance of refusal to tell me his name, or at least stick with one.

I have offered to help this spirit countless times since he has been around. I ask what he wants, I listen, hoping each time that he will just tell me what he wants, but it seems the only thing he wants is to bother me, which I won't let him do anymore.I've asked him nicely to go away and told him forcefully to go away, but it's never permanent, he always comes back. I asked a woman from a local medium shop and service for help several years ago. She instructed me to burn sage and say a prayer and ask for him to go; this never worked. I found online that you should pray and ask for God's help, I'm not very religious, but I tried this anyways, and he is still around.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do about this?

Thank you.

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Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-23)
Erika808... Since this spirit leans towards the darker side make it uncomfortable for him to be around by surronding him with light in your mind when he is around and saying prayers for him with some conviction. Also do the sage burning. Keep a bible around or a holy relic. It will take some time but he will get the message.

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