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Is It A Reading Or Something More?


A few nights ago I was watching TV and I was sleeping on the outer side of the bed closest to the door, I usually sleep next to the wall because as a small kid I would always be afraid of being pulled under the bed by something, and my dog was sleeping on the floor next to me.

It was around 2 A.M before I was able to force myself into some kind of half sleep. I had been having trouble sleeping for some weeks now and so I was tossing and turning for about 3 more hours before I was able to fall into a somewhat awake somewhat asleep gray area.

As I was laying there I could see the light from the TV above me but I could hear no sound. It was as if someone or something had put it on mute. Now this is where explaining this gets really tricky so if something doesn't make sense just ask me and I will try to explain it again or you can e-mail me and I'll try there.

I was laying there, eyes closed and on my back and I could see the light from the TV playing above me when I suddenly heard someone say, 'I'm here... I'm waiting.' It didn't register at first cause I thought this was a dream and so I continued laying there but suddenly I had an urge to get up. My body, in one fluid movement, rose up so that I was sitting up. Now I could see the TV was playing static and I seemed to be alone, I couldn't see my dog or Jeff my boyfriend.

Then suddenly I was back down, unsure of when or how I was suddenly laying back down. I was awake by this point and I looked up at the TV which was playing some show on Adult Swim. I looked over and saw my dog at the foot of my bed resting comfortably and Jeff sleeping quietly next to me. I was freaked out, even though the 'dream' didn't seem to have lasted very long.

I shook it off, thinking it was just a dream and I settled back down into bed. And it happened again. I heard the voice calling to me, it sounded male and playful, and not a boy's voice but a normal male's voice. I sat up looked at the static filled TV, saw that my dog and Jeff were not there and then I expected to awake like I did the last time. Instead I swung my legs off the bed and stood. I just stood there, looking at the static TV. Then I was back down on the bed again, not knowing how I got there and not knowing when I got there.

The whole 'dream' happened like this, since this happened over a long period of time I'll hurry and break it up: First, I sat upright and then I was back down on the bed again. Second, I sat up right and swung my legs off the side of the bed and stood up and then back down on the bed. Third, I sat upright, swung my legs off the bed, and walked to my bedroom door then back down. Fourth, sat upright, swung my legs off the bed, stood up, walked to the door, opened the door, and then back down on the bed. Fifth, sat up, swung my legs off the bed and stood, walked to the door, opened the door, walked out to the hallway and looked down into the darkness of my living room, and then back down. Sixth, sat up, swung legs off the bed and stood, walked to the door, opened the door, walked into the hallway, walked into the entrance of the living room, and then back down.

See, it's very tricky to write just exactly what was going on with me.

The last time this happened was probably the scariest thing that I have been through yet. This last time I got up and followed the pattern above and as I entered the living room I could see someone sitting on the couch next to me. He was very pale, had black hair, had red eyes, and he was gorgeous to say the least. He grinned at me and patted the seat next to him and I took a seat without thinking. He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close so close I could smell raw meat on his breath.

'I am Matt' (That's not his actually name but I'm afraid to say his real name on here in case it calls him to me). I've been following you for a while. All your life in fact.' He told me, I nodded unsure of what exactly to say to that since I was already scared.

He grabbed my face with his thumb and pointer finger with such strength to thought he would break my jaw. I waited for me to look into his red eyes before he spoke again. 'It's taken you forever to notice me." He almost sounded sad when he said that but I knew he wasn't cause at that second he flashed a grin and his mouth was filled with long sharp pearl white teeth. 'You're an idiot. I'll make sure you know I'm here.' He told me, his grin was sly but his voice was filled with hate. 'You'll have to look over your shoulder ever time you do something. I will make you life hell.'

He let go of my face with a quick jerk and then stood and walked to length of the living room and disappeared into the darkness of the dining room. When I snapped to I was back in my bed and I was crying silently, my jaw hurt, and I had a sudden feeling of being heartbroken and anger. I got up and went to the bathroom and saw that I had two bruises, one on either side of my jaw. When Jeff woke up I asked if I had been sleep walking and he told me I hadn't been but he hard woken up because he thought he heard someone talking in our room and he saw me asleep I was flinging around like I was having a hard time finding a comfortable spot but that was it.

I don't know what he was but I think he might have been a demon for sure but I don't know what I've done to anger him but there was something about his name that struck me as familiar when he said it. I've looked it up but I haven't been able to find any demon by his name which makes this a hard thing to solve.

Thank you for reading.

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