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I'm fifteen years old and I have been noticing that I am able to feel others emotions and feelings and sometimes the person I'm sensing doesn't even know if he or she is feeling that way. Its frustrating at times because when I'm happy I tend not to notice that I'm sensing others and other times when I happen to be really upset I notice them. Lately I've been feeling really overwhelmed by it all. Everything just seemed to be crashing down on me and I don't know what to do.

I'm afraid to tell my parents because I'm afraid that they won't understand, but they've been asking why I've been so tired and so down lately. I sleep maybe nine, ten hours a night and three hours into school all I want to do is find a nice warm bed and fall asleep. One of my friends has been really supportive but she doesn't really understand because in order to understand empathy (at least that's what I think its called after doing some research on the web) you really have to experience it.

I just really need help to understand how to block all of the emotions that are crashing down on me so I can focus in school. When I take tests I can't concentrate because everyone's always so nervous and my mind just kind of goes numb.

All I'm really asking for is a little guidance so I can pass all my classes this year.

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