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First, a disclaimer. I am not an aura reader. I do not look at the space around people, I do not read their emotions. What I see is completely different...

I see colors. Not ordinary, everyday refractions of light. No. I see colors when my eyes are closed. They hover around people, several inches from the skin. At first, it appears as a metallic blue (which I can only guess is the neutral color). With time and concentration, the color shifts, becoming a stable color that is bright and vibrant. Once the "true" color is there it never changes. I have only ever seen a change once, which I believe was a fluke during the "shifting" process.

Everyone seems to have a specific shade, often times it is hard to describe. I'm a grass green, for example. My best friend is a sky blue. Another is blood red. But these words don't truly capture the colors that I see... I don't believe there are any words that can. These colors have meanings, though I have yet to completely understand them. I've done a bit of research behind the meaning of colors and how they can reflect different things. But I know that these hues are not auras. They do not change with emotion, they do not reflect much of anything. But that's not the strangest part.

When I'm "looking" at people, sometimes I see a bright, glowing animal figure hovering around their midsection. Not everyone has these animals, in the same way that not everyone has psychic experiences. My friends and I have theorized that these animal figures are linked to psychic experiences or "abilities" so to speak. All of the people that I know whom have had such experiences have animals.

My friend's mother, for instance, has a canary. She has an uncanny ability to sense danger. Is this a coincidence? Is it a sign? I'm not sure. Lana, my friend, has a doe. She sees ghosts and spirits (or what she believes to be ghosts). Alex, another friend, has an owl. He's empathetic and... Well, whenever he shouts or raises his voice it causes immense pain and discomfort. We're still not sure why.

I've put my story out there to see if anyone can give me a good explanation as to what colors may mean or if the animals I see are linked to "abilities". Is there anyone out there that sees colors? What do they mean? Any help and comments are appreciated.

Thank you.

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bambino (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-17)
[at] Adelesmith:
I don't know for certain why some have animals and some do not, but I believe that it represents someone that either has had a psychic experience or with psychic abilities. As for whether they speak, no. But I can guess what they are thinking by their... Attitude? I'm not sure how to explain it exactly... Thank you for your input!

[at] Randy: If you have any information regarding your experiences with these colors and what you think they may represent, then please share. Thank you!
adelesmith (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-15)
i had a visual experience while awake a woman was sitting looking very sensual and almost flirty, there was a creature attatched to her middle/chest area the creature was very shy and only had a quick look at me then hid there face in her chest
They looked like they were joined and there was hair around the attatched area
I thought this was the most perculiar
Thing I have visualised I also see colour with my eyes closed as well as open but it is more like blocks of colour although I occaionally see colour around my self or hand while writing I don't see colour around anybody else, I find it very facsinating that you see animals with humans don't you know why some have animals
do they talk at all
randy (4 stories) (24 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)
It seems that you and I have the same ability. I always thought the "colors" around people I saw were their aura, but they did not change, as well as the ones you see. I have never seen the animals though, but then again, I never look at a person's midsection. My color changes from day to day, but no one else's does.

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