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Am I Psychic, Or Just Out Of My Mind?


I have been really anxious lately. Ever since I started meeting new people, I've been getting strange feelings.

I've been around new people, and somehow I can tell if I will like them or not. For example, in my confirmation class there is this group of people from a different school. When I walked by, it was almost like I could feel positive things about some people, and negative things about others. As if I could tell which ones I'll like when I meet them, and which ones I won't. Days went on and I was introduced to some people in the group. I became friends with the people that I thought I would like, and the people that gave me a negative impression, I didn't like from the first word they said to me. And I know it is NOT about the "first impression" because I haven't heard of those people before, and they didn't do anything particularly out of norm, that would make me feel differently about them. In simplest terms - I KNOW if I'll like a certain person or not, before I meet them. It has happened several times, to all the people I meet.

Also, I have been having a kind of "deja vu". When I go to new places, they also give me good or bad impressions. Sometimes, I feel like I have visited this place, even though I've never been there before. I even asked if I've been there, when I was younger. The answer surprised me - NO. And I was sure I have been there before.

Sometimes I can even tell how things will turn out. If something bad will happen, or will it go smooth.

Am I psychic, or just crazy?:)

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