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Visiting Ghosts, Wolf Dreams, And Future Dreams


I'm writing this purely for a little thought on my situation as a skeptic. I do believe because my father says he can see ghosts so does, my gran and sister. However this has yet to still convince me.

As my first "Ghostly encounter" was around the age of 11 when one night I woke up for no apparent reason and at the foot of my bed is my door, however my door was open and the landing light was on which both were strange as they were always shut and turned off. In my door way though was a dark man shadow figure of a man, I can still recall now he was of an average height and long hair I knew this only because I could tell by the shape of his shadow. No other features could be made out he was literally opaque. Show I laid down closed my eyes looked once more and he wasn't there.

Now my reoccurring Man type Werewolf dreams from the age of 3,i experienced a wolf that spoke in a man's voice, very aggressive and sadistic nature. Used to upset me in my dreams, cause me to wake up crying. However at the age of 5 he said this isn't the last time he'll see me and I'll be back. So at the age of around 11 again similar times to the shadow man occurrence. I had a dream that I and my family were going on a holiday and driving to the hotel, on the way look out the car window I saw a yellow shaped diamond sign with a black border, standard like black wolf animal beware picture. I immediately thought this was odd in my dream. We arrived at the hotel my mother, unpacked the stuff whilst me, my dad and sister we went out to the arcade, then went back for dinner. As we arrived back there was large scratches on the door, so my dad said wait here he ran in me and my sister waited for a minute and heard nothing from him so my sister ran in and I still held back still no sound. (By the way this is very graphic) I eventually plucked up the courage to walk in and sure enough there was blood everywhere and there he was the wolf man, but he was just as an ordinary wolf this time. He laughed with blood all over him my family dead and lunged straight for my neck. I woke up instantly and naturally as a child does ran into my families' room to check they were ok. Now 2 years later, my sister slept in my bed as her room was being decorated, that night I went to sleep. And I had a dream that, a pack of dogs/wolves broke in... They circled me and my sister on the bed and the leader dog/wolf started laughing that same laugh and spoke saying "you'll never get off this bed" I had to comfort my sister in the dream, until the leader (wolf man) dog/wolf lunged at me again and I woke up once more. I literally can't understand who this figure is and why he keeps returning any thoughts?

Now at the age of 16 I started experiencing a strange feeling of being watched, I went to live with my aunty in her supposed already haunted house. Although my uncle's father assured there was a woman in the room I lived in but she'd gone (used to stand over my cousins crib) and that there was a little boy in the house that liked to hide things. However when I stayed in this room at night, I'd hear 3 footsteps a then a knock on my locked bedroom door. Then if I didn't move or acknowledge this I'd hear 3 foot steps in my room. Then I'd get a presence of a Tall man standing over me looking down at me I know this because when I closed my eyes. I could see him, stood there with a large black hat on, he was all black he was like an old Mormon type figure it used to really intimidate me. So I put a Crucifix above my door, and I wear one since I was eight around my neck anyways being catholic. However this didn't seem to stop this happening, so my aunt and family see this local psychic whose very kind and only charges her taxi ride home. I saw her and explained my situation she thought about it and said maybe it's your grandma who passed away trying to send you a message. Which I did not believe this kept going and now seemed to be attached onto my girlfriend now she said she could feel something visiting her at her house. All this carried on until I saw the psychic again and I was about a year older This time she told me I was psychic myself which I doubted and she said I should right down all my experiences and it'll come to you as you get older. She also started telling me a story about her friend who saw the devil at this place, however I supposed to be meeting a girl that night at that exact place coincidence I'm not sure? For obvious reasons I never met her. And the psychic told me no more, so immediately I thought is she trying to tell me this is the devil!? So my uncle spoke to his friend whose mother is very into voodoo magic and stuff. He got my potion with all sorts in me and girlfriend had to bath in this stuff and believe it would work, and that consequently it would. Sure enough it did work I've never been visited by that thing ever since, however a year later the psychic came round again and as I we was driving her home we got onto the topic of appearing black figure and she told me if I never would of got rid of that, I would... Of... Died...!?!? Can you really imagine hearing that?! So she told me just keep a bible open in your room under your floor boards to be safe it doesn't visit again.

Ever since that psychic told me about my life and that I'm psychic I've been trying to go against what she said although to no avail as everything she has said so far has come true except one part the psychic bit! But she told me not to travel on a plane with my girlfriend who I'm still with; she was supposed to becoming here to Australia for a holiday with me. However that never happened as I've decided to return home early but the psychic said you won't go back home you'll stay in Australia with your family this time. And sure enough it's all slotting into place but still not sure if to fly back my flight is in 3 weeks. But when I came here my flight was called 911... And every time now I look at a clock, or press the time on the TV or get in the car it's 911 or 6:11... What does this mean? Don't fly? Thankfully though my flight number isn't called 911 this time!

Now the dreams... I keep regularly having dreams of the future and past, I keep having to tell people not to do things or change things and worst of all it all seems to real but not at the same time. And I try and tell the people in the dreams but they won't listen to word of it and think I'm crazy although it's really important in some cases life threatening but when I wake up I can't remember any of it!

Lastly the other night I had a dream where I could see ghosts I can only remember bits, I walking not sure where and these eyes appeared straight in front of me, then a face came into view, this the body, then there was just this little boy stood there. Then the dream skipped and I was having dinner with this lovely Indian family, who were all dressed in beautiful gold and red outfits then as we were eating there deceased Grandma appeared I said to them there's a woman at the end of the table, I described her to them and they told me it was there grandma. Does this mean anything?

A lot to take in thank you for your time if you read this, any comments are appreciated good or bad. Just like to know what you think to my crazy experiences over the years.

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Declan (2 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
"FeroxFever" What scares me most truthfully, is that a part of me believe's I am and the other part just dosen't want it. The unknown is a very strange and scary idea, the fact I don't know what to expect and there seems to be no explanation for it is well hard for me to accept. As a logical more scientific thinker, these experiences to me make me thing I'm just being "stupid", Crazy or there just mere coincidences. I've even tried embracing this "new side" however to no avail now I'm just lost basically. I'm trying to look at it as a process I think this maybe be my problem, in my head I think of as a step by step thing then you can see ghosts and all is revealed.
FeroxFever (6 stories) (101 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-11)
Hey Declan, you don't believe that your psychic. That is just how I have felt for the past two years, but after I embraced it a lot of things changed. You describe these dreams, they feel so real to me, I'm even a bit disturbed. You are obviously strong enough to attract those spirits, so if they keep bothering you the only way to get rid of them is to utilize the latent power inside yourself. Like they said...meditate. I know you are afraid of opening those door ways, but really the choice is yours no one can help you with that all anyone can do is support you through the scary dreams and encounters. If you ever need some one to talk to go ahead to email me its on my page.
Declan (2 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-11)
"tigg3rxox" I have thought of that myself also, I am very lucid in my dreams everything I touch, see or hear is a though its a memory rather than a dream when I wake up. However I believe the Wolf I saw and the man I started experiencing later on are somewhat connected. I'm just waiting for the next encounter really and trust me I can the wolf is getting it. I'd first of all like to know why he visits me at all but as I said before I'm sure in time all will be revealed. Thanks for the advice. 😊
Declan (2 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-11)
At a guess too me "HaVeN" it seems as though this was your spirit guide/gauardian, just letting you know your not alone and will always be there for you. The lion sound very helpful unlike mine. Sounds as though your special to and very well looked after. In time of need try thinking of that lion and I'm sure things will seem a lot easier.
I too see a lion of sorts named "sam" however not to sure if its a figment of my imagination. When I'm very stressed or tired this lion always appears in my head but not and cheers me up. So I believe as I said before there just Guardians and helpers through out our life.
Lyro (465 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-10)
[at] SinnerOvGod Very true, and if you try to change much, or change the natural law, it always comes back to bite you in the butt.
SinnerOvGod (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-10)
i can choose to see the future or not, I don't like telling people because it tempts fate
tigg3rxox (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-09)
And I thought my life was insane.That's intense, everything with the wolf and dream. I had a dream where I was walking with a dude, he was a vampire (don't ask, after waking up, I went back to the exact same dream) and he told me that I'm the one. Then a little ran between us saying,he's only telling me this so he can be the vampire king. Then I woke up:P Yep, I don't get because I don't even like twilight, or anything to do with vampires!

Well,heres some advice. Since it sounds like you're lucid in your dreams, try killing the wolf? I know it sounds stupid, especially when its coming from me:P But do the mind over matter thing in your dream. Easier said then done, but still. I hope that helps:)
HaVeN (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-06)
Well, once I hade a dream of a lion. It wasn't evil though. It said I am your protector. Dont second guess yourself. Trust me and no one else in this dream. HE also said be careful. You will be in danger in a few years. Then he said goodbye Destiny (my name). THen this blur happened and the lion was gone. I heard a faint whisper it said Even though sometimes you don't see me you will see me in another form or you will just hear me. I smiled and started crying heavily. Then I said no no no no. Then the blur was behind me. I woke up. What does this mean?
Declan (2 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-05)
I truely believe they feed of fear and that isn't the first time I've heard it. I'm 20 now and basically just waiting for the last piece of the puzzle to slot in and me to be pyschic although I don't think it works that way. I think this one is going to take time and understanding.

I just read you post, you truely are gifted and talented. And In someways I envy you and in others I don't. Due to my own worries like they say when you "open the door you get the good and the bad"

Like I said on your post I do believe we're all on a steep learning curve and I appreciate you're advice. I've started to meditate although so far to no avail, but I'm sure in time it will. I just want the answers basically however something insdie me knows they just come with time.

I wish you all the best enjoy you're abilities, make the most of them and help people. Thanks I will be intouch.
skyviking (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-05)
I have also had wolf dreams since a child. They used to scare me often. The wolf would try to chase me and laugh. It would also appear larger at times more like a werewolf. Then sometimes it would appear like a regular wolf.

I recently have had stronger psychic experiences and the wolf came back. He was really big and scary. I chased him away by imagining white light surrounding me.

There is good and bad in everything. Fear from this is only created in your mind. Call upon whatever God you believe in and tell it to go away. These things feed off off fear. They really don't have any power over you.

If you are confused about psychic experiences I suggest meditation. The more you meditate the more you will be in tune with your third eye.

It is hard because the ghosts you see are real but others can't see them. I see things all the time and can't tell many. That is why I like coming on this site and reading posts. So many of the stories are similar.

It is awesome we can see to the other realm but of course there is a price for doing this. There are many scary creatures out there such as your wolf.

Read my story on here and feel free to email me anytime about stuff. Beachplum98 [at]

I wish you the best of luck with your gift. You are special.

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