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Does Meditation Increase Psychic Abilities?


My names Chris I'm 16 and have been experiencing odd things. When I was about 4 or 5 I was taking a bath with the door open, I remember seeing a black shadow like person which looked like a man walk pass the door. I then told my mom because I thought it was my dad. The thing is, she told me she was the only one home and it wasn't her. To this day she still remembers. A few years later my family realized our house is haunted by a girl, but this is a different spirit from the one I saw. Just about everyone in my family has had experiences at my house with the girl spirit, but this is where things get odd. I have never had anything paranormal or psychic experiences until now. A few week ago I have began meditation. Ever since I have been experiencing things not only at home with the girl but everywhere I go. I have heard meditation can do things with your body like increase psychic abilities, is this true? I have always been extremely sensitive. Since I started meditating I feel energies. If I'm at a place I have never been to I feel if its a good place or not. I sometimes get headaches when I'm around groups of people, I have noticed I get them when I'm around people in pain, so I think I may be empathic. I have noticed sometimes I can look at someone and see things in my mind about things they like, what type of person they might be, and if I get an uncomfortable feeling about them. A few days ago at school I was looking at a girl and in my mind I saw dirt bikes, I wen up to her and asked if she likes dirt bikes and she said yes, I then asked if she rode them and she said yes. The next class I had a substitute I have never seen in my life, I was looking at him while he stood there and I saw really old fancy cars, and hunting in my mind. Is this an empath ability as well? I have a huge heart and hate watching people get hurt.

I think I'm starting to also see shadows. A few days ago I was at school and I was sitting in class, I looked up and saw a black shadow shoot across the back of the class, it was only there for about a second. A few days after I was at a park at night with a friend and saw a black shadow dart next to a street light pole. Am I psychic? Are there ways to increase my empath abilities and see spirits more clearly?

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TableTennis (5 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-03)
I would avoid the shadows.

I've been sensing them also as of late... Moreover it is a sensation that I am really is not alive at all... Sort of a divergent reality type of thing. When I meditate for 4-8 hours intervals, during a waking period of 48-72 hours, I am not aware of these "shadows" during my enlightened state of mind. However, as the mind begins to drift onwards towards the boundaries of Death... I feel these sensations of being bound as if my heart is on a pump or a gauge... And it is as if seeing reality through eyes which are in one instant my own and not my own. It is an interesting sensation to say the least.

Nevertheless, be wary of the shadows that you sense. Not all spirits are prosperous and/or kind. I wish I could explain what they were, or even slightly knew... It is quite unnerving...
TheDragonGod (3 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-29)
Wow that's really astonishing, I think I see shadows but probably not as much, my psychic abilities are more towards emotion, be it mine or others mostly others and visions but so far I only see my future. Events that affect me, being with others or not that's what I see. I agree with everyone here but in my own words I will tell you to meditate to understand yourself, piecing yourself will help you understand everything if not most of everything but don't expect it to be easy. Also I moved an object once, a handheld radio.
AJBENN123 (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-11)
ya you are psychic and everyone else is wether they like it or not most people ignore them some people think it is a curse but really it is just a deep inner connection with nature that we all have... At least that is what I think
simonshx (4 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-11)
Yes you are. Just because you don't have the fancy abilities that the below stated, doesn't mean that you aren't psychic.

I believe that we all humans are, it's just that some of use don't use the ability. You can see shadows, and I can to. My sister can't see any shadows, even when I tell her that it just dashed past by her for a second.

Good luck! Remember to meditate and get in tune with your Third Eye, and do some research on this site as well:) I'm 12, and I can see shadows.
Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-11)
If when you say psychic you mean that you have more than just 5 sences, then yes, you are psychic. If when you say psychic you mean special magical xmen powers, then no, you aren't psychic. The human being has way more then just the common 5 sences. We actually have like 20 sences (not exactly, I'm just saying). Feeling sorrow is just as real a sence as feeling something with your hand is a sence. My sence of smell seems to be weaker than other peoples sence of smell sometimes but my sence of other things is very strong. "Empath " is word that combines many different sences under one name. I don't like using fanatical terms like psychic or empath or any other fancy word that only causes people to become prideful. In our degenerate society nobody cares about advancing themselves anymore. The American education system sucks, we have the worst obscenity percentage, and more people are getting on both legal and illegal drugs everyday. The human being is made up of 3 equally important parts, physical, mental, and spiritual. Being "psychic" requires the use of all three parts running at tip top condition. I hold the belief that we are all capable of doing extraordinary things. The common overweight elitist "psychic" would disagree. Please try not to unbalance yourself thinking to hardly about this psychic stuff. Live your in love and without fear. Meditation is a great thing to do if when you say meditation you mean being anywhere close to nature and away from all the clutter of humanity. Meditation is the calming of the body through separating yourself from conscious thought. I do it all the time. Here are my suggestions based on the empirical evidence I have observed over the years. Choose your friends VERY wisely, read good and informative books, listen to music that makes you think and feel good things, in general try to stay away from anything extreme or that causes you to hate or feel prideful. I'm a Christian by the way. The Word of God is amazing.

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