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Physical Manifestations After Hearing And Seeing Things?


In February of this year 2010, I had many weird things happen one after another. It all started in my parent's room, I look at the open window to see a solid (I couldn't see through it) black and tall shadow went by not too fast, not slow just at the right speed and at the right moment, as if it wanted to be seen by me. In another occasion, I also saw a rectangle with a muddy goldish color moving like a wave but in the same place.

It was kind of shiny and it stood out so when I went to grab it thinking it was a candy wrapper or something similar to my surprise it vanished! This happened twice in different locations of my house and the thing looked very real and it always vanishes before I grab it. Days went by nothing happened until I started my work out session and suddenly a black shadow with the shape of an animal (looked like a dog to me) came through the door and jumped right to my chest and went through it, I was in the treadmill and had to stop immediately, my heart was pounding so hard. Soon after these interesting "visuals" took place I notice that my left breast was red and swollen on its lower half.

I went to the doctor worried that it could be breast cancer and it turned out to be just an allergy. Along these random events, the number 44, 4 or 444 pops out everywhere I go, license plates, tv programs mentioning it, looking at the clock and its there, and to put the cherry on top of the ice cream even my breast exam took place in room number 4.

But that's not all. One night I discovered that one of my childhood favorite celebrities had killed himself and this made me sad, I went to sleep feeling teary eyed about the event and my situation as well and as soon as I put my head on the pillow a woman voice was calling my name from the closet which was wide open at the time. She repeated my name like a mantra, first just the three and four letters followed by my complete name again.

Her volume changed from high to low, at one point I thought she was getting closer to me, Everyone else was sleeping and the tv off, and her voice I didn't recognize from anyone in my life. Without getting out of my bed I looked inside my closet but couldn't see anyone just hear the voice again. This is not the first time I hear this voice though. I don't know, it seems she wasn't trying to scare me.

The next day, guess what? I had a knocked out tooth, the one next to my right fang. It didn't make any sense at all, since I never felt any pain on the affected area, nor any signs for tooth decay, however the remaining of the tooth were all black inside. Needless to say I had a little attack and cried my guts off cause this was all just too weird.

Then one day after a hot shower I notice there was something written on the surface of the fogged up mirror. It was very clear and it spelled out:INDA, among other scrambled letters and numbers and I got pictures to prove it. I tried to clean it away rubbing my hand over it, but it wouldn't go and it stayed there for two days I think. Here are the pictures:

Ok the A in INDA was very faint by the time I grabbed my camera and the lens also fogged up so the image doesn't really show it but it does shows the rest. By the way that black thing you see its the reflection of my camera but if you pay attention to it you will see what it looks like a black dog. Do you see it?¤t=amirrior2.jpg

A closer look:¤t=FILE0420.jpg

Here is what I believe to be a number 4 with a V in front. A number 47 or a H7:¤t=FILE0422.jpg

And this one looks like more writing, I'm not sure though:¤t=FILE0428.jpg

I don't know anyone with that name, but I looked up its meaning in a multilingual dictionary and guess what it has a real meaning here it is:

Language Expression English Translation or Definition

Bungu inda stomach, belly, pregnancy.

Dawida inda louse.

Esperanto inda worthy, deserving.

Ha inda louse, belly, pregnancy, womb, stomach.

Hangaza inda pregnancy, stomach, womb, belly, louse.

Hungarian inda spindle, tendril.

Jita inda womb, pregnancy, louse, stomach, belly.

Kami inda pregnancy.

Kilegi inda belly, louse, pregnancy, stomach, womb.

Kimbu inda belly, pregnancy, stomach.

Kivinza inda belly, louse, pregnancy, stomach.

Kutu inda pregnancy, womb.

Kwanyama inda go.

Kwere inda womb, belly, stomach.

Luhyia inda belly, stomach.

Machame Unn inda how.

Mambwe inda belly, louse, stomach.

Mkwaya inda pregnancy, belly, louse, stomach.

Munyarwand inda belly, stomach.

Pampangan inda mother.

Pare inda wait.

Pimbwe inda belly, louse, stomach.

Portuguese inda still, yet.

Ruanda inda stomach.

Rundi inda belly, louse, stomach.

Rungwa inda louse.

Shona inda aphid.

Shubi inda pregnancy, stomach, belly.

Swahili inda impediment, dog, meanness, obstruction, spite, troublesomeness, tactlessness.

Tuveta inda wait.

Wanda inda louse.

Zalamo inda pregnancy.

Notice how the Swahili meaning includes "dog" as one of its interpretations and how the general meaning is to be pregnant, stomach, belly, but I am not pregnant since I don't have a partner and I never plan on having kids for many reasons so when I saw this I felt like someone or something is trying to play with my mind.

To make it even more stressful I had a very bad fall and almost broke my right foot.

Now these are my questions and observations: All three physical happenings, tooth, breast, tooth decay happened in the right side of my body. I do NOT take pills or suffer from any mental disorders its important to clarify that my family are not the kind of people to make jokes and imprint weird things on mirrors, they if anything don't care about the paranormal. I have heard the woman voice before and so did my sister, its just not me.

I am wondering if anything important happened during February in the whole world?

What is your interpretation of all these paranormal happenings? And what has the number 4 has to do with anything?

Do you think the bad tooth had to do with the voice I heard the night before, what about the allergy in my chest and the dog going through it? I'm thirsty for answers.

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Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-18)
I agree with Rain, your story troubled me--something's going on. Your photo links didn't work btw.^^" I think you need to talk to someone who knows more about this.
Best wishes
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-17)
hello, I read your story, and I can see the writing in your pictures.

The number four, oddly enough, follows me around as well. As well as numbers related to it. 13, 16, 256 (four to the fourth power). Etc.

I've noticed it, but it doesn't really freak me out anymore.

AS for getting hurt on one side of the body, I heard that if your energy level is off on one side, you can suffer injuries on one side of your body, but because of your experiences with apparitions, I don't think this is the case.

Getting injured that many times leads me, personally, to believe that there is something dark that is messing with you.

Do you have anyone who hates you? Someone who could have cursed you? Is there someone who died recently?

That's all I can think of. It might be a demon too, but I'm not sure...

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