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We went out to some friends house this weekend: Joe, myself and my best friend that lives with us Sue. When we arrived at our friend's house, they asked if we could run back out to the store to pick up some things for the party. We headed out the door in tow with an additional person and money to pay for our list of groceries.

While we were in route to the store Joe started discussing with our add in friend his intentions to sell his little Del Sol. Willie (our friend for some time now) spoke up and started talking about a car he had sold to a friend several years ago. Mind you I know all people involved in the discussion, so Willie's friend who bought his car is no more a stranger to me than anyone else in this story. Willie explains the type of car, a Ford LTD Wagon to Joe. Told Joe if we would be in the market for a larger vehicle that his friend still has it and may be looking to sell it.

I waited for conversation to stop and then looked into the back seat and said to Sue, "why do I get this visual of a light blue car?" If you read my last story I stated that because of my questions of my ability I was going to voice my visions, ESP feelings, and voice the knowledge of who was calling when I felt it in the ringing phone. Willie piped in when I stated the color of the car and said, "blue? That is the color of my car..." I then asked him which one, and he said his Ford LTD. I asked him if this was the same car he was talking about to Joe and was it light blue. He confirmed both and I got a chance to prove to Joe and Sue that maybe I am not going crazy, that of all the colors in the world I chose light blue while he was describing his sold vehicle. Is this coincidence, a vision (and I did have a very vague picture of the color come to me while he described it and I wasn't even looking in his direction) or was it my gift of ESP.

Also, another incident happened yesterday. We were dropping children off with sitters so that we could take off to meet with our friends. While at one drop point for the kids, Sue laid down her sunglasses and when we started out the door, she said "oh wait, my sun..." but by the time she turned around I had already had them in my hands and met her face to face with them. Is this mere coincidence also? I am trying to grasp all of this and put it into perspective here.

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hisangelagain (2 stories) (6 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-07)
Katie, I remember reading about your experience with your nan. It was very interesting to me.
Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-10-05)
wow that sounds so good I have been through a similar experience like that I share with you. I was on holiday and sitting on a chair when I got this voice in my head saying Katie open the door so I walked over to the door opened it and my nan was just about to put the key in how strange is that. 😊
hisangelagain (2 stories) (6 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-04)
yeah, I am starting to believe more and more in what I have. Thanks for your input
hotandcold (5 stories) (218 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-04)
THIS IS NOT coincedance. This is your ability, and an excellent one at that!

Charlotte. ❤

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