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Like a lot of the stories posted here, I am looking for answers and opinions to whether or not I may have psychic abilities. So here it goes with some of my experiences starting when I was an elementary school student. My first experience which I chalked up to "my imaginary friend" was a young indian girl with a brown raw hide dress and moccasins. I know she had dark brown hair and wore a beaded band in her hair, but none of the decorative feathers or anything. I NEVER saw her face, but she would appear to me only outside my home and I could only see her rounding corners, so I made it out to be our little game of tag of course one which I never won. A skeptic could chalk this up to loneliness however my best friend and her little sister lived two doors down. That was the beginning of it all, and as I have grown into an adult I have always tried to keep a very open mind to all possibilities.

The next thing that happened to me was again as a child, a little older this time. I was staying with a sitter and my mother worked third shift. My grandfather was in the hospital and we were hoping he was on his way to recovery from a blood clot. At 2am one morning I woke up crying hysterically telling my sitter that my "pawpaw" was dead. She reassured me that he was in the best hands possible, but not before I argued with her that all was not as we thought and that my mother would be here soon to tell me. She did finally get me to sleep and comforted after all I didn't want to believe my feeling. My mother showed up at 6am that morning and as my sitter opened the door, I said to my mother, "pawpaw died didn't he?" and of course her reply was, "yes baby I am sorry but pawpaw went to heaven at 2am..." My sitter of course turned white, and my mother wasn't surprised I knew what was going on.

Not a lot of things stand out except for a game my friend and I would play that when the phone rang I could tell her who it was. She thought it was funny, but to me it was just plain simple as some rings had a different tone, and still do sometimes. This is not every ring, and it is hard to explain, but some rings just click to me and have a different tone even though they ring the same to someone else.

My next most remembered feeling sent my first husband into a frenzy! We were out playing pool one night and we were in our early 20's and an argument broke out. This of course sent my senses into overdrive. We got into our car and left and a few miles down the road I told Brian to be careful that I had a bad feeling about the car behind us, and he replied with "what car". I instructed him to look again and he about swerved off the road when a car had rushed up on our tail. I told him I had a very weary and sorry feeling for the people inside and that they were either really sick or drunk but that something wasn't right, something was going to happen. We argued that night because he was trying to convince me that I was crazy. He asked for the make and model and was upset when all I could tell him was that it was a dark, possibly black car similar to a Monte Carlo SS. I forgot to mention that this car veered off to another road and when it was out from behind us I lost all my feeling with the last effect being cold chills down my arms and legs.

The next day he freaked when he read in the paper that a man had died in a car accident in which he had been driving drunk and flipped his Black Buick Regal into a ditch on the same road I had suggested the night before. He never questioned me again when I told him "I have this strange feeling..." To this day I have "feelings" and on occasion I will have a dream that becomes partially true. Usually a bad dream, but sometimes just an inclination like.

For example if I dream three times in a row someone is pregnant, usually they are within the next few months and this was including a dream about myself. There are many many occasions, but this is only a few and the ones that stand out the most to me. The last one happened only yesterday. I agree that sometimes they do disappear for a few months, but only to return. My children even know if mommie says "I have a bad feeling about this" we aren't going to do it.

So what do yall think? Should I try methods of trying to improve and tone my skill? Or are these only coincidence or my longing to be psychic? If I need to tone my skill and tune into it, how do I do that? HELP! I love the ability if that is what I have. I just want to know if that is what is going on.

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hisangelagain (2 stories) (6 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-01)
I am still learning myself. I have just been trying hard to open myself to whatever may present itself to me. I have explored the idea of meditation to improve on my skills. I haven't tried this yet, but I am still reading up and exploring the option. I have heard that meditaion will clear your mind so that you can concentrate on your abilities. I am sure there are other ways, but this is just one that I am currently looking at. Other times like yours the feelings are just so strong that I couldn't ignore them if I wanted to. Good luck
ongoeslife (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-30)
Hi There,
I have had many experiences like yours. I was watching a tv show about mediums on TLC yesterday, and several things that were mentioned caught my attention and related to me. I know that I am very intuitive. It scares me sometimes, or it used to when I was younger. I was very depressed when I was in high school, as I went through tough times and some physical and psychological abuse from the age of 8 until I was 13. It was all my dad, sadly, he is no longer a part of my life and seems very depressed himself these days. Things have been seen around me and I have seen things... Or spirits. I ran into my grandpa one night when I was about 15yrs old... I mean I ran smack dab into him and fell down... He died when I was 4. I have had dreams that have come true and have talked about people I haven't seen in so long and then they appear or call. I have had strong intuitions that something isn't right or something is wrong... And I usually feel like I'm having a panic attach or like a ton or bricks are on my chest and I can't breath. I have heard voices when I am alone. I see shadows of people walking through the corner of my eye sometimes or sometimes I feel like I'm not a lone. I totally understand what you are going through... I am curious myself to learn about what is going on. And since I'm not so scared of it anymore, I would like to improve it... Any suggestions? What have you learned?
Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-29)
yes I understand I don't pay attention until the next day like I didn't pay attention when I saw a ghost hiding behind the chair I could see him on zoom on my camera but I just thought it was nothing. I deleted it because it wasn't clear I just thought there no chance of it getting clearer but I had noticed there was a man and he wasn't clear I thought ghost had to be proper clear guess I was wrong and I deleted the prove of it not just that the ghost looked like my granddad he was differently my grandad who died when I was 7 years old. I guess he was just visiting. He did haunt me for 5 years from the age of 7. Which was 10 years ago. This year I have experienced loads but I was a strange clever child at the age of 2. I under stud everything I could understand my past and all that.
hisangelagain (2 stories) (6 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-29)
I know that there is something different about me and I am like you Katie, everyone thinks I am blowing it out of purportion. My best friend who lives with us is starting to believe me though. I have been telling her everytime I get a feeling, or have something strange come over me and she notes it for me. Then we go over it just so we can monitor it and let her see how much is actually coming about. It has suprised her several times. I think she may also have a gift but she doesn't want to believe it or accept it. I am trying to key in on mine and make them stronger. I don't always notice them because I haven't been paying that much attention here lately. I am making it a point to start voicing them aloud so that they will also be noticed by her. Thanks for the input!
Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-28)
yeah understand I get upset when my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy it's not our fault we know things and they don't. They think we're going mad. They just don't want to know. Its a little bit of a gift you have there. Loads of people just get bad feelings about things even my boyfriend does and everyone around me so that is nothing. I'm the only one who doesn't get a bad feeling of something that will happen I just get a dream which comes true the bad ones. I do go through what happened to your grand father was it. I get things like that just knowing things really from my head or dreams. Like yesterday I said something telling me someone hasn't drunk there cupper tea so I said to everyone something telling me someone hasn't drunk there tea and usually everyone drinks there tea but my dad didn't last night because he forgot about it. Then 5 minutes later I said dad why you upstairs then I got something saying because my mums on in downstairs bathroom and I shouted to my dad is it because mum is on the downstairs bathroom he said no she isn't I said something has just told me and I shouted mum where are you she said in the bathroom. 😊 I'm going to prove them and carry on proving to them I know things and that I do have a gift.

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