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Seeing People From The Past


So no one in my immediate family sees what I see. I know I get my psychic ability from my dad's side of my family. My great grandma gave it to me and my aunt also has the ability. I think my first experience was when I moved into my then new house which is now 12 years old. Maybe the first month I was here I was in my bed ready to fall asleep with the lights off in my room and the hallway. So the only light was my night light. Everyone must have been asleep because a couple minutes after I was in bed a bright light filled my hallway and came into my room. It was like it was daytime. And these two kids a boy and a girl ran down my hallway giggling and smiling and they both looked at me. I didn't realize what was happening. They were dressed in really old clothes and they were playing with a ball. They were all dressed in white. Maybe its the family that lived on this land before me they were from the 1700's.

There is a graveyard in my development and oddly enough there is a family of four an older sister and younger brother. It has to be them. Why haven't I seem them in all these years. Two years ago I went and visited my grandma and grandpa and my aunt. Later that night my parents were in bed and I was at the backdoor letting my dog out and I noticed my grandpa standing in my living room? Wearing all white. Exactly a week later he died. My aunt says that was a premonition.

Also at night I can hear people talking in my downstairs. I lean against the railing but it's just soft whispers.

So last year I went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and a couple days after being back I was in my room during the day and I saw the silhouette of a cowboy he was pretty tall to. And whenever I'm home by myself I hear thing moving around in the basement. Also I was upstairs and left my light on in my room and went and took a shower when I came back my light was off. I asked my dad if he was upstairs he said no. Last summer I was upstairs alone and called from my doorway to my mom downstairs and I heard a loud "sh" from my brothers room at the end of the hallway.

Recently I was in my bed and I had just gotten a chihuahua as a gift and she sleeps with me. And I was just about to fall asleep when she came from under the covers to the edge of my bed barking at something I didn't see. I picked her up and put her down and she ran to the edge of my doorway looking up towards my brothers room. Also all of my pets look at the ceiling constantly. My mom said its angels up there.

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loveroflife80 (3 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-06)
thank you so much:) how would I communicate with them? I know they follow me around
aleishia1300 (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-09)
well the ghosts are there! And they are probably attatched to you and you need to try to help them

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