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Way Too Freaky To Make Up. Can Anyone Relate?


I am not the best at starting things off but I think I should most likely start at the beginning, stating what has been going on.

Ever since I have been eight years old I have been having very freaky things happen to me. They don't all connect together to be able to form an exact diagnosis, that's why I need help. I need to know what might be wrong with me?

The first time I had ever experienced something odd was when I was roughly 8 years old. I don't remember all of this myself, only parts of what had happened, but my mother had always told me that when I lived in our house, I gladly slept in my room for the longest time, and then one night, I suddenly stopped. I would not sleep in there, I would not even go in there. My mother said that I had told her that there was an old man in my room who laughed in my ears at night and made me cry.

A few weeks later, we got a new neighbor and walked over to say hello. He told us that he had lived in the house that we lived in when he was young. He also told us his father died in that same house.

My mother was shocked.

Then later, I remember that I was at school (when I was eight) and a girl in my class went up to my teacher. I did not really know this girl and did not even know her name! She went up to the teacher and told her she has lost a book that she had borrowed. My teacher sighed and asked which book it was. Instantly, without thinking, I had known somehow it had been a blue book. But I did not understand because I had never gone over to the class library. I had always gotten mine out of the real library, outside of school!

While I was still eight, I had gotten my tonsils removed, I remember nothing from the surgery, naturally, but unnaturally I DO remember my moms reaction while I was in surgery. It was if I was floating above her and I remember her pacing outside the door, right beside the railing while my father sat on a bench in deep thought, a look of deep worry on both of their faces. I found out after the surgery when I was waking up, that my surgery had taken at least thirty minutes longer then it should of and my mother began pacing out of worry and fear for me!

Recently, now that I have moved to a different house, I felt something unusual. I can not exactly explain it though. It was a weird feeling. Like someone was there, lurking, watching, but somehow it seemed as if this...stalker? Was nice! Like he/she/it could do no harm to me!

Out of instinct I began talking. I began talking to it as if it were right there, and maybe it was just the paranoia nut I thought that sometimes it would answer me? Sometimes I would faintly hear words. Not exactly out loud maybe, it seemed more in my head then anything. But the strangest part is when I would begin to feel sad or sometimes strangely mentally hurt. Like someone had just told me something very disturbing? I would begin to cry and be upset but I found nothing to be upset about! I am not under stress or anything of the sort! I have a good diet, I am not on any medication that could have strange side effects! I am perfectly fine! Or I thought?

And finally, I have been having many dreams lately. But the thing is, is that it is not a dream so much. While I am asleep, my dreams come to my almost like a movie. It is all black, then it suddenly begins to come to me in a small white box. Then all the sudden the box takes up all my vision in the dream while I watch something. Either it is all talking, no picture, or it is all picture no talking. It is rarely both picture and sound. But the strangest thing is that it always comes true! It's much like Deja Vu, except the thing is, is that once the Deja Vu begins, I can almost always remember the rest of the entire dream and be able to know what is going to happen next! It is very freaky.

Sometimes I feel very special for what is all happened to me. Other times I feel petrified and scared of what I will dream of next! That's actually mostly how I feel; scared.

Can anyone relate? Can someone tell me what I might have? This is my last resort! Please help?

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iCfuturelongdistance (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-09)
i have the same things you do except the OBE but be careful last time I was on here was 3 years ago and my precognative dreams have been getting out of hand, I highly, HIGHLY recomend meditaion if you forget about your abilities like did for a while you tend to be overwhelmed... It depends on what your dreams are about so seriously Meditaite 5 minute 10 minute as long as you do it! ❤
EarthControler01 (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-07)
(This is a joke!)

Make sure you don't dream that you die!:O

(This is a joke!)
WeirdsBestFriend (4 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-05)
😆 😲 ❤ Thank you guys so much! You have all helped me and made me feel soo much better! Xyna12, I will try the meditation and thank you so much for listing what I might have too! XxRawrxX, Thank you for telling me your own experience! It makes me feel less...freak-ish? Lol! I am very happy that I am not the only one who has these unnatural...feelings. Tigg3rxox, Thank you for listing what I might have AKA powers, and there true names and explanations! It has helped me so much and has opened up the psychic ability field for me! And finally, gothic-angel, thank you for sharing also! And I agree, I have had these weird happenings for a good amount of time, yet it is STILL taking some time to get used to! (: I hope one day I might be able to control it better and maybe use my "powers" for good? (: Please, keep commenting and helping me! Anyone have any idea on to perhaps to control any of these abilities better? The OBE? The dreams? ANY of it? I will be most grateful! (: (: I have already gotten the suggestion for meditation and I will begin doing so, but anything else maybe?
gothic-angel (2 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-04)
Hi... Well I can relate to everything. I have dreams, I even see things when I'm awake and none of it is actually happening. It happens later and I can tell what's going to happen next. I have talked to spirits. Earlier I used to feel their presence but now I see them as clear as living. I know what's going on someone else's mind not like reading mind stuff I just know what they feel at that moment and I don't know how. I sometimes even know stuff as you knew about the blue book and all this has happened in less than year.I'm also scared but then these spirits do no harm to me. I think it will take some time to get used to it. 😕
tigg3rxox (guest)
14 years ago (2010-08-03)
Hello:D No worries, you have a lot of abilities,lol.First off, hearing the voices of spirits means that you're clairaudient. You have clear hearing of spirits around you.Next,you're claircognizant.It's an ability where you just "know" things without knowledge of it. You just "know" and you don't know why, so that makes you a know-it-all xD Hahah,jk.Okay,and you have prcognitive dreaming, like what Xyna12 said.Hmmm,oh,and you might be clair-something.I forgot what it's called, but you feel when spirits are near you.Well,when their energy's around, but same thing. And that incident when you got your tonsils removed, you can maybe astral project. But that's if you saw yourself as well as your mother.Well,thats all I can identify^^ I hope I helped.
XxRawrxX (3 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-03)
I know how you feel about the feelings thing. Sometimes I will be sitting there fine and then the next minute I will feel upset and nothing will have happened to of made me upset. I'm not sure what this is but your not alone. And in my house I kind of feel like there is a ghost that watches over me but doesn't do anything to me
Xyna12 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-08-03)
It seems that you have precognitive dreams, you may be telepathic, and may be a medium. Also you may have had an OBE during your surgery.

I could be wrong but most likly those are your abilities.

If you want to control it better I recomend meditation.

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