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I had a dream a few weeks ago, about a girl getting married and then two days later I find out my cousins friends daughter is getting married and months and I mean months ago I had a dream about flying out of Africa. These are things that have come true or are. I was an my uncles house when I started to fell like I was being followed every time I was down the hallway. When I was in m baby cousins room I heard a man breathing deeply and my uncle and his wife were at work, so I was there only with the little ones which wee in front of me. I also plan on going to Africa I have a fascination with going there one day. So, I have like an "element" I am strongly drawn to water and the moon strongly draws itself to me too. My gift comes as it pleases and it started when I live in this apartment which was blessed by a priest because the previous tenants did black magic in it and had problems with bad spirits and the blessing did NOT work so when we moved I would NOT stay in my room because they scared me and I was only three and I did not even know what a ghost or demon was until we moved in and my room was the room that they did the black magic in and we did not know until my mom asked the previous tenants about it. So therefore I have had a gift ever since then. My mom has it too but she was born with hers. I wanted to ask about what you would think of hearing a man breathing from a few feet away from you when there's is no man I the house at the time?

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nathaniel_leon (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-14)
That happened to me once. I was laying down on my bed and for some reason the night was dead silent. I heard a breathing in the back of the room. A very deep insane breathing. I didn't want to open my eyes yet, so I pretended to be asleep. As time went on, it got heavier, and louder until it sounded like it was right in my face. I jumped out of my bed and glared at the wall in front of me with my heart beating out of my chest and it was gone. All I saw was the shadow of something leaving the room.

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