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Longing Lion


For the labor day weekend, my best friend, my aunt and I drove down to Virginia to visit with family friends of ours. The only live about 20 minutes from Washington, DC so naturally we did the whole tourist bit, went through museums and saw the monuments and such. The family stayed with has four kids the oldest being the 13 and the youngest being 4, so we thought it would be a great idea to go to the zoo. I personally feel you're never to old to do things like go to the zoo, especially when I love animals and nature the way I do. And that's where the day's problem started.

Being empathic like a lot of other people here, being in crowed places does sometimes bother me, especially when in close proximity, so I was a tad on edge anyway. I'm usually pretty good at keeping control of myself and blocking out what I can, and of course I didn't want to ruin a good time. But we had been doing so much and we were at the zoo later in the afternoon, so I was beginning to get really tired. And I know that when I get to a certain point of being tired, I become vulnerable and sensitive to what's going on around me. I personally don't like the thought of animals not aloud to roam free and natural as they were meant to, so I was already beginning to feel bleak about that.

But then we rounded the corner to where the tigers and lions are. First was the tigers, and looking down in, you could see there was only one tiger out. And he seemed to me very tired and somber. I pushed off any odd thinking and we moved on. Next was the lions. Well, lion. One male lion paced around the area along the side of the water pool. His head hung low and he seemed to me to be searching, worriedly. I had remembered earlier passing a sign that excitedly announced the birth of two new lion cubs just days before, and that the cubs were being held in a different place, one for new born animals. We stood for a while and just watched him, but then I began to feel something heavy, like bricks on my chest. I watched the lion, as he began to pant. Being tourist like, I took out my camera and set it on 'record video'. Just in time for the lion to begin to roar. Everyone was so excited, thought it was so cool. Some people laughed and said, oh! He's talking! I just watched. And I knew of course he wasn't just roaring. He was calling. It sent a deep cold heavy shiver down my spine and struck my heart. I held my breath and watched, tears filling my eyes. I began to sway, and thankfully my best friend was right beside me. She steadied me and asked if I was OK. I shook my head. At first she was confused, then she realized. She too is empathic and in tune and such, but as she puts it, she's just beginning to accept things and is still guarded, so she wasn't picking up on what I was. But she did begin to pick up on what I was feeling. We watched the lion continue his call, in kind of a barking way, it was strange, yet eerie and sad. I said to her, 'It's the lion cubs. He's looking for them.' And then he began to make a sort of moaning crying sound. Which only made me cry, even as people cheered and laughed at thought it was amazing. I only felt the longing.

I have never ever had such a strong reaction to something like this. I mean, I've felt things from animals before, but this was extreme. I'm not sure if it's because I was caught off guard or because I was tired, or because it was such a strong feeling. Which is why I'm posting it here, because I thought it'd be an interesting story to share. If I can figure out how to get up the video It will definitely be up. =)

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Zaniac (4 stories) (27 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-15)
Oh, that's amazing 😁
I've had something similar. My dog (This was a while back, maybe 4...2 months ago) I say him, and he just looked at me, so I went up to him, and It really felt like we were communicating with each other, and he told me he was going to die soon. But he didn't... Instead, his mother died. 😢...
That happened the same with my grandfather. I felt like I needed to tell him everything would be okay, and that I loved him, then just recently his Brother died.
natural_day_dreamer (3 stories) (49 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-12)
NaturalScience- Its kind of interesting about what Mirrl did when you thought of moving and she moved. Because I have found out that if I think of something before I speak to my cats, they respond to it as well. I have never put a name on it or considered it anything extremely special. I just know I connect with them very well, and sometimes its easier to think I can show them as well. But its nice to know someone else has picked up on something similar. 😊
NaturalScience (229 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-12)
I once had a cat named "Mirrl" who was sort of empathic as she used to get up and leave as soon as I THOUGHT of changing position on my sofa, when we were resting and she lay on my belly. I did not have to move even a bit. The idea of moving in my head was enough to move her.
Some days ago when I felt a big lack of courage and security one of my nowaday's cats, old tom "Zocker", behaved in an unusual way. He came upon my shoulder first then lay down over my nape and shoulders, transversely, and stayed there for more than half an hour. I thought does he perhaps wish to "strengthen my backbone"? As it felt real good. It was a cool morning, however, and Zocker always has his feet cold as a frog's when it is a bit cool in house. Perhaps he just wanted his feet warm. But he never used to warm them THAT way, before.
Of another of my cats, "Raufi", a female of fine build and sweet manner, I often think she knows very well that I hate to keep cats in-doors all the time and do it only because of the fast cars on the road in front which killed several of my cats in the past - including good old Mirrl. I even think she knows that I, meself, often feel as caged as my cats, for other reasons though and not in physical way, and that she feels some pity for me, as I for them.
natural_day_dreamer (3 stories) (49 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-11)
Thank everybody. I figured it be something nice to share. And personally I hate the idea of zoos because its not the natural place the animals and such should be. I have always had a strong connection with animals, any animal. I do have 2 cats. And I treat them like people, not animals. There was a point my dad was speaking to one of them in a manor that upset me so badly I went off on him. On how to treat them, that they were dumb creatures, they were probably smarter than we were. That you should talk to them as an equal, not as something to yell at. Ever since then he does talk to them in a way like they're his family as well. And since then they don't act out against him as much, as they used to cause trouble and hiss at him and such.
kittens_forever (2 stories) (27 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-11)
something similar happened to me at the zoo... I don't like to go to zoo's so much anymore. Only the butterfly garden, because all the butterflies fly freely in a beautiful enviornment with real flowers and plants. When I went to the zoo with a group of friends there was a big condor type bird in a cage. His head was sticking out between the bars and his wings were spread out wide, he was just sitting there. He looked strong and beautiful, I got the feeling he was trying to intimidate the people and make them go away. But the people kept laughing and saying things like, "Yo I'll punch him, he thinks he's so tough." It made me upset that no one was respecting such a powerful animal. Plus he couldn't fly around. That really sucked. My reaction wasn't as strong as yours though. Even though the situation was sad, I think that this type of empathic connection you now have with animals can be a beautiful thing to experiment with. Imagine if you were connecting with a happy animal in that way. Do you have any pets?
Ashtonnb (2 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-08)
wow! Thats really interesting! I too as an empath got some really sad feelings reading this post, but I too am thankfully listening to happy music right now.
I think it is so cruel for humans to keep animals caged up like that like they have no feelings or emotions... I can't even watch those "animal abuse" commertials on tv because I start tearing up and have to leave the room everytime... It is absolutley sickening
Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-08)
Wow I jut want to say I feel you completely. If I didn't have happy music on right now your story would have made me feel a lot more sad than it did. I'm an empath to and I can feel animals. The more expressive the creature is, the more I can feel it. Though sometimes the lack of expression can tell more.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-08)
The lion, I suppose, must have felt that at least one person out there in the crowd has understood him. You've been in that zoo for the lion's sake. Greet him telepathically, wish him goodluck for his kids (cubs). He'll know and be comforted. I have learnt by reading the posts here that such an idea is no hogwash at all and I am glad to have learnt that. Modern materialism is sooo dry, it really makes the soul choke. It's so much better to believe in what all those psychics here say!
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-08)
Thanks for sharing. I'm saddened that more people in our society don't respect animal life enough to realize what fully sentient beings they are. While I know that zoos have the best of intentions, still it is sad to see animals caged. I once did an empathic merge (not intentionally) with a tree. I've always intellectually known that trees were sentient beings. However, it was quite another thing to experience it's "feelings" and "thoughts" (they don't really feel and think the way we do). It was, needless to say, a very enlightening experience. I think we all need a reminder every now and then that we humans are only one of many species which inhabit this planet. Thank you for sharing your story.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-09-08)
As an empath, I'm surprised you can go to any zoo. I personally cannot as I feel too much of what the animals feel like caged up like they are. It's too bad you don't have the power to free to lion and return it to its natural surroundings. We humans love to cage things up for our amusement, that is for sure. Thanks for sharing such a sensitive post. It reminds the rest of us what sentient beings our fellow earth mates are.

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