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My Experience With Psycho Kinetics


I'm 13 years old and I am not sure what has been happening. I think it's telekinesis though I'm not sure.

The first time is when I was watching a movie with my dad (this has happened twice now.) and the TV suddenly goes black. No one touched the remote and there was no power surge I was completely focused on the screen when it switched off. The second time was when I was playing a video game in my basement and the same thing happened.

What occurred next is one of the things that have freaked me out the most. It was during school I'm in 8th grade we were in the computer lab and I turned on my computer someone before me had turned off the hard drive so it took a while to load. Press Ctrl-- appeared on the screen so my friend Rangel (this is an alias.) leaned over and pressed Ctrl on my keyboard. I normally just let it continue and don't press anything so I made a joke by saying that because that he messed with my computer I would downgrade his. His computer is already loaded and on the main screen with the Carleton school board home page. Right after I say this his computer turns off and restarts. Then the home page, well I have no idea on how to describe this it looked like a computer from the 80s (sorry if I got the history wrong.) there were no viruses nothing wrong with his computer and this didn't happen with anyone else and hasn't happened since.

At this point I've become more interested so I started searching about this. All I got was this website and some stuff on psi balls. Please only answer if you know what I'm talking about. I tried making one it happened so easily and almost instant I could feel the energy going through my body into my hands and out into a ball. I've made tons by now also I've showed a couple of my friends this, they all believe me.

I tried using telekinesis one time to make a pencil roll off a table instead I made the table shake. Then one morning I was able to make an UNO card go up on I think about a 45 degree angle.

There has also been a moment when I sensed that something bad was going to happen I can't explain it I felt sort of a bad vibe and in the end my friend and I both hurt our ankles in the exact same way at the exact same time.

So if there is anyone there that knows about what I'm talking about please please answer what am I? What is this? I've started to get really scared from this I just feel wrong this isn't right.

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