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My Weird Psycho Psychic Experience


A lot of weird things have been happening to me lately. Like for the past two days, in the early morning, my stomach would feel sick. I would go ask my sister if she's okay, and she said that she did feel a little sick. Than a minute later, the sick feeling would be gone. And at summer camp, I would think where's my friend. Than five seconds later, she walks in.

Same thing with a boy in my class. And during the Super bowl, I said if Drew Brees doesn't hurry up, he's going to get tackled. Next play, he gets tackled. Plus one morning, it was thinking that someone elderly was going to fall. That same night, I have to sleep at my grandma's because my mom's boyfriend's grandpa fell. It was so weird. And I get these deja vu feelings in places I've never been before. I looked it up online, and it said that means that it could be psychic or something or that I lived a past life.

And one time I was thinking of Red Robin's at summer camp, and somebody yells out, "Red Robin's! Yum!" I also looked up on the internet types of ESP, and there's this one called precognition. It means you can see things before they happen. I don't seem them, but I think them. Is there a difference? I don't know if this means that I'm special or I just have plain luck.

I really hope that I'm special, but I don't know for sure. My family doesn't believe me, but I just have a weird feeling about this. And I have a few questions. Is this ESP think like a period, that only comes once a month? Can I control it? Is there anyway I can make my ESP level go up or down?

I've got so many questions and so little answers. And do people with precognition act the same? People please comment and answer! I so want to know if I can chill about this or go around knowing I'm not like others. So please comment!

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precog (2 stories) (24 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-19)
to bloodredrose
I am young so it may be that they are coming in
And to kenichi
I emailed u
Kenichi (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-19)
I have many small abilities that need to grow. One of them are what you described. I don't think your seeing the future bc I do that in my sleep. But I do believe youre partially reading minds contact my email if you want to chat (Lionsparks [at]
bloodredrose (11 stories) (162 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-19)
its usually the first signs that your powers are coming in. If you keep practicing and maybe, soon, you could actually see the future. Stuff happens to me all the time, just like what you discribed. Now I think that I can sense death. Anything that has to deal with death, I can, or might, work my magic. Just be careful and explore.
precog (2 stories) (24 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-18)
and to iulie
Im new here, cut me some slack. Next time, I'll word my story more carefully
CassCass (1 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-17)
I have exactly what you have!
I thought I was the only one. I don't have clear vision but I think about it and it usually always happens.

I sometimes have precognition in my dreams and sometimes premonitions during the day
precog (2 stories) (24 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-17)
to adaaryn7 its been happening for a long time. But those are the most recent
precog (2 stories) (24 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-17)
thanks so much! And next time I'll word my stories more carefully
thewind (3 stories) (80 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-17)
I get this, too! Well, I used to. I'd just get an unexplainable feeling that something was about to happen. Then a few seconds later, it would happen. It happened very rarely, and it hasn't happened lately, but I'm working on getting it back. I think it happened recently, but it could've been a coincidence. Anyway, the only thing I can say to help, that you've probably heard before, don't have doubt. Doubt is the WORST thing for psychic abilities. That's why most don't find their ability, they don't think they do or ever will have an ability like this.
FeroxFever (6 stories) (101 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-16)
IDK waita sec guys, if you link them together all at once, it sounds more like your detecting peoples minds and picking up on their thoughts. I'm a really strong empath and most days I catch a glimpse of something someone was thinking as well, it could be your powers cross over a little into telepathy.
MidnightBlueSwan (8 stories) (134 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-16)
If you are experiencing this during the day and you're awake, and this is a thought or a vision. It's called a premonition. A precognition is if you are asleep and you dream of the future. Don't worry a lot of people get these two things confused. And you're a clairvoyant, a psychic that can see the future through dreams or visions (or in your case thoughts!) This is not just luck, this is your gift. Use it wisely and you'll be able to help many people.

~Be blessed with your gift
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-16)
You are special because you are, NOT because you are psychic (and let's face it, everybody is). The things you experience are completely normal. Most people experience them some of the time, and just dismiss each event as a coincidence. Some people, however, experience this ALL of the time. We are all psychic, but to varying degrees.

Blessed be
Iulie (1 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-15)
I do not understand why you refer to your experiences as "psycho."
rosamarie (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-15)
I think that asking if people with ESP act the same is like asking if people with red hair act the same, if that's what you meant!
If you mean, do they get things the same way, from what I've read and myself experienced, I think so, yes. I never get my little flashes of insight as more than a sudden thought of, say, "It's going to rain around noon tomorrow, so I've got to get my washing in before then" or "My sister should ring this evening". It doesn't feel like a revelation at the time.

I think those things don't really come at any particular point, there's no monthly quota. It might just be that you're in the right frame of mind at the right time.
It does sound like you have a gift, though. You can develop it - do some research, look around, find a method that works for you. It's totally possible to develop it to the extent of being controllable. You can make it stronger. It doesn't need to be random, though probably random flashes of insight will keep coming to you. If you learn how to make yourself more receptive to them, they'll come more often and more strongly.

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