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Sometimes for no reason a thought will pop into my head that isn't mine and wasn't there before. Sometimes I'll get this nagging feeling, it tells me something. Or I'll know what someone's going to say before they say it.

I'm not sure if this means I'm psychic or things just happen by chance. I know three of my friends have had things like this happen to them.

So many times I've have the feeling that I should or shouldn't do something. Mostly I ignore this feeling and I almost always wish I hadn't.

These are some of the times it's happened to me.

Once in seventh grade I was in health class, class hadn't started so I just sat there drawing not really thinking. When suddenly the number forty-seven pops into my head two seconds later the teacher says "Forty-seven." I was so surprised I missed what he said after that.

When I was eleven my brother and I caught some toads and kept them with our box turtle. Then one got out my brother, me and our dad ran around the house, trying to find it before our mom got home. Our mom doesn't mind toads but she wouldn't be happy to find them all over the house after a fifteen-hour work day.

We looked for what seem like hours but was only about ten minutes. But still couldn't find the little creature. As I ran passed the kitchen to go look in the guestroom, I saw a dark red dishtowel in the corner by the basement door. A little voice in my head said it was us look the dish towel. As I almost always do I ignored the voice even though it's almost always right.

About ten more minutes later my dad was getting mad because we still hadn't found the toad. My mom would be home any second, we had looked everywhere. Then I thought to myself alright I'll look, and there under the red dish towel was the toad. The voice not surprisingly was right.

Thank you for reading and please help me understand what's going on.

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delta903 (2 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-18)
XD wow well I had no idea somebody could be the exact same way that's awesome! Yeah, when I'm in a desperate situation typically my mind starts processing thoughts faster and I come up with several scenarios at once and then I get this strange feeling in my stomach (which is basically the spot of intuition haha) and bam I'm moving haha and at school I always feel crowded in some way by the flow of people moving in and around the building it drives me crazy in my head and I always feel the extremes of emotion there that's when I usually think of a song that loops continuously but I myself have a hard time getting rid of it once it's inside my head
TaiBuscus (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-17)
Do you find you are more prone to experiencing your uncontroled predictive thoughts when you are either nervous, scared, or creatively at work?
You're subconscious has been known to put two and two together faster than your conscious, naturally. But when you are being creative, your mind is more open and accepting. And when you are scared, you conjure up more possible answers to your problem faster, and more aplenty (Mostly out of desperation).
If they're not more frequent under certain conditions, perhaps they are clearer or more distinct among other thoughts when you are needing an immediate reaction from your surroundings.
Just a little food for thought (: If you analyze your ability, you can then utilize it. Also, learn to trust it lol.

I've also experienced some of the same things as you. I've got this knack for being able to tell who's calling before anyone checks the caller ID (With the understanding that we weren't expecting a call). It's only sometimes. I'm also really good at feeling people's emotions when they are... So to speak "Stuck for words". I can feel what they are trying to express verbally (And can't) and I can word it. It's a little bizarre, but helpful.

Hope you find my comment as interesting as I found your post:P
teenkid100 (2 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-17)
Thank you so much I'm glad I'm not crazy! I'm going to try to help people. 😁 a lot of time I do have a song stuck in my head do you know how I could get it out? 😊
delta903 (2 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-17)
well sometimes voices like that pop into your head to help you (an example would be your conscious which talks to you when you've done something wrong) with psychic's some say there is multiple voices which help you and I myself have a few that will tell me things about people such as their personality, what they would or wouldn't like, sometimes I hear other peoples thoughts as to what they were thinking (which I have fun sometimes making them freak out or mad haha) and sometimes when your mind is clear you have these thoughts that pop in your head randomly at the last second correct? Well your not insane I mean this website is dedicated to people of our nature who are no different than anyone else we are simply more in-tuned with what the human mind is capable of, some people are more in-tuned with one aspect than others such as clairvoyance or telepathy etc. So relax and enjoy what you have, have fun with it sometimes and other times use it to help people when they need it, its very useful but if you'd rather take it as a curse than one way to repress it is to have songs loop in your head over and over again a certain song and that will usually distract your thoughts but I say keep what you have as a gift

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