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Many strange things have happened to me in my life, I don't know if they mean I'm psychic or have a medical problem. I'm hoping to find out which, somethings I can explain and other things I can't.

My mom told me when I was three I talked to someone I called "My Friend", she said, that he told me to tell her "Everything was going to be okay." At this time in my life my dad had left us and things were very hard. MY dad would come back and live with a us soon and then things would be okay.

When I was ten, I had a guinea pig named Todd, I got him when I was four. One night I had a dream, Todd was in it. I knew it was Todd and I could feel he was at peace. I knew he was going some were and that this was the last time I would see him. Then my dad woke me up, before he could say anything I asked him if Todd had died. He was stunned, Todd was fine the day before. He said "Yes" and later my mom told me that I was special.

When I was thirteen I had been feeling a little off for awhile and I didn't know why, it felt like something was going to happen. I felt the need to take pitchers and videos of my grandma and I'm glad I did. One night I went to bed and thought to myself just before I fell asleep, "Someone's going to die." At 5am my mom woke me up saying Grandma was in the hospital, she had been fine just the day before. Later that day my grandma died.

The summer before 8th grade I kept on thinking of the name Stacy, I didn't know why until school started. One of my favorite teachers that year was Mr. Stacy. A few months later I keep thinking the name Alice, I know no one by that name. Then my mom tells me she almost named me Alice, I never knew that until then.

The day of my 14th birthday our cat got out while we were moving. She had been indoors her whole life. Soon after I hear meowing coming from everywhere in the basement, upstairs, in the living room outside. My dad heard it too, it sounded like it was coming from the air it's self.

A few days later my Mom had said she saw a dead cat that looked like ours on the road. On our last day moving I was sweeping by the basement door were our cat always sat. I wasn't even thinking about her when I hear a loud MEOW!

It was in my right ear, I had an image of her on the step and I knew she wanted to be let in and that she was upset we were leaving and didn't know where we were going. I yelped because it surprised me and my mom asked what was wrong, she and my twin brother never once hear the meowing.

I opened the door that leads to the outside, the one that our cat got out of. I knew she wasn't fully sure about coming in but she didn't know where else to go, so part of her came in. I've never heard the meowing again, neither has my dad.

My mom said she has dreams and in those dreams she sees dead family, she isn't scared but always after those dreams someone in her family dies. My mom's brother has also had these dreams.

Thank you for reading my story please tell me what's going on. I told my family somethings and they laughed at me (mostly my brother and dad they don't believe in psychics or ghost.)

My mom half did half didn't. Some other things have happened to me. There not in this story because I'm not sure they count as ghost story or not.

Also I just know things sometimes, like if a ghost is scared, unfriendly, watching me, or playful etc. Also I get images in my head of what a ghost that's near me looks like or I even see it. (I really hope I don't have Schizophrenia, but if I do please give me a heads up.) This is all true.

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