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Drained Energy


I'm a high schooler and I know we usually feel drained at school, but this is different. In my honors world history class I feel drained. I have my Spanish right before that and I'm fine. I don't feel tired at all. I feel hyper and full of energy. As soon as I step into my history class I feel like someone has drained me of my energy. I feel sluggish. Its only in that class though. As soon as I leave I'm hyper and replenished. I'm confused as to why this happens in only that class.

Sometimes it also feels as though something is holding me down. I can't sit up straight in that class. It makes my back hurt too. In all my other classes I can sit perfectly straight but not in history. Some of the buildings at my school are old and my school has been around for a while.

I also hear my name, but when I ask one of my friends they say they never said anything. This happens everywhere but a lot in my history class. It freaks me out when I hear my name because I don't know who or what said it. My mom doesn't believe me and only a few of my friends do. I'm the only one that ever hears any weird voices or noises. Am I crazy or is something trying to reach out to me? Can someone please help me and tell me what is going on?

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Shiki12 (3 stories) (10 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-19)
I did what you said and it actually worked! Thank you for your help! 😁
PureCheese (4 stories) (79 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-06)
It could be that someone is draining your energy

Those who like to fool around tend to do that

How about when you go to that class
Think of something that protects you
For example:
If your really religious then think of g-d or anything else

If not...
Then visualize a white orb, or a white shield around you
And tell yourself that you are stronger and no one can harm you...

If this doesn't help then I am sorry

Best wishes,

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